In Death Unchained: A Comprehensive VR Review


In Death unchained, you are the overseer of purgatory, and it is your job to fend off hordes of enemies en route to gaining access to heaven’s gates. Let’s delve further into what makes Death Unchained a unique experience and why it receives so much praise for its bow mechanics.


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About in Death Unchained

Rating on Oculus store with # of reviews4.8/5 (4,284 Ratings)
Rating on Pico Store with # of reviews4.6 (42 reviews)
Release Date23 July 2020
GenreAction, Shooting (bow)
Time to beat main story12 Hours
Quest Store


In Death Unchained shines in its gameplay mechanics. The bow-and-arrow approach fit perfectly for VR, and In Death Unchained has one of the best bow mechanics currently available on the market. After playing for just a few minutes, you will realize the precision and accuracy of every arrow shot are essential to success in the gameplay.

Any one that likes the punishing gameplay and procedurally generated levels of Dark Souls will love this game.


The different game modes add more layers of enjoyment, one of which is the free DLC’s ‘Siege of Heaven.’ Here you take the high ground and have to fend of 15 waves of enemies. This is my preferred mode of playing and is incredibly satisfying stringing together multi kills.

What’s the difference between In Death and In Death: Unchained?

In Death was released back in 2018 for SteamVR. Developed by Sólfar Studios it was one of the highest-rated titles at the time. Unfortunately, this version of the game no longer receives updates so it is not recommended to pick this game up for PCVR gaming unless you can get it on sale.


When the rights were handed over to Superbright, they made In Death: Unchained for Standalone headsets, the Quest, and the Pico. This version of the game has far more content, free DLC’s and is kept up to date. If you have the option to choose, it is highly recommended to pick this version of the game.

Fitness Intensity

Death Unchained provides a moderate workout compared to some other games in VR. Expect to be moving and crouching a fair bit while dodging attacks. But by far, the most physically demanding intensity comes from completing all 15 waves of “Siege of Heaven”. Your arm will be burning from holding the bow out in-front of your body for so long.

When testing it with my Garmin Forerunner, I burnt approximately 5 calories/minute.

Audience Score

In Death Unchained has had a positive reception on both Pico and the Oculus store. Scores have consistently hovered around 4.6-4.8 out of 5 stars , thanks to its immersive mechanics, stunning graphics, and engaging gameplay.

The Steam version, In Death, is starting to receive more and more negative reviews – due to the abandonment of updates from the developer.


The graphics and audio in VR titles are essential to its success, and In Death Unchained delivers on both. Each attack is well-defined, and the sound effects will even scare you at times. Time perception is also flawless, which helps to draw the player into the immersive environment, heightening the gameplay experience.

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Death Unchained offers players a high level of replayability. With the ability to work towards unlocking new amulets and weapon skins, as well as discovering different game modes, players can develop their strategy to improve their performance. On top of this, an online highscore system allows for competition between friends and rivals alike.

Players have the opportunity to prove themselves by earning achievements and titles within the game’s leaderboard system, meaning that Death Unchained is never short on replay value.


Is In Death Unchained Worth it?
in death unchained review

In Death Unchained provides an excellent VR experience that is sure to draw players in. Its unique bow-and-arrow gameplay and soundtrack are thrilling, providing the perfect combination of fun and moderate fitness. With multiple game modes providing different challenges and beautiful graphics making it a feast for the eyes, Death Unchained is sure to be a VR title to remember.

Price: $29.99

Operating System: Pico 4, Quest, PCVR (but no longer receives updates)

Editor's Rating:


  • Amazing bow mechanics
  • Multiple game modes
  • Great graphics and audio for Stand-along-Headsets


  • Potentially too challenging for some players
  • PCVR version no longer gets updates