Rampage Agents VR Review: VR shooter that Plays Like Borderlands


If you’re someone who loves multiplayer VR games that sit on the boundary of being both competitive and cooperative, then Rampage Agents is the perfect game for you. Developed for the Pico 4, then released later for the Quest and Steam. Rampage Agents is a roguelike multiplayer shooter game that offers an immersive experience like no other. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into Rampage Agents VR’s gameplay, fitness score, audience score, immersion, replayability, pros, and cons to help you decide if it’s the right game for you.


Fitness Score:
Audience Score:

About Rampage VR

Rating on Pico store5/5
Steam % of upvotes93%
Rating on Oculus Store4.7/5
Release Date18th May 2023
GenreShooting, Adventure
Time to beat main story4-8 Hours
ReplayabilityExtremely High
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Adventure Mode

Adventure mode in Rampage Agents is where players are assigned a role to take down enemy forces who are out to destroy the world. You can either team up with your friends or use the matchmaking system to find other players to play with. There are four different heroes to choose from, each with their unique powers – my champion took on the role of a tank. Players can choose from multiple weapons categories such as pistols, SMGs, rifles, shotguns, snipers, launchers, and flamethrowers. There’s even a talent and chip upgrade system that players can use to boost their character’s strength.

The best way to think about the gameplay is borderlands but in VR.


Battle Royale

Get your squad and load out ready, because you’re going to need it if you plan on surviving this massive map. Similar to other battle royale games, the last man standing takes the chicken dinner.

rampage agents battle royale map

Fitness Score

While Rampage Agent offers an intense and thrilling multiplayer VR game experience that can get your blood pumping, there isn’t a lot of movement needed other than aiming and looking around. In the future, if they add melee-based weapons and maybe something more to do with dodging projectiles I could see this increasing in the future. Or if you’re the lucky owner of a VR treadmill, this could be a great way to clock your daily steps. But as it stands, VR fitness enthusiasts should look elsewhere.

Audience Score

Rampage Agents is a brand-new to quest and steam, so right now there isn’t a load of reviews out. However, its initial reviews look very promising. Playing this game since it’s early release on the Pico, I expect this to remain high.


Rampage Agents offers an immersive VR experience that pulls you into the game world. The graphics and sound design are intricate and evoke the feel of a world full of danger. I personally didn’t like the first world full of bugs but the desert levels were awesome. The game’s audio design is noteworthy since it uses high-quality sounds to add to the game’s immersion. Players tend to lose track of time while playing this game and find themselves fully immersed in the game world. Personally, I played until my headset ran out of battery twice, in one day!

rampage gameplay 1


Rampage Agents has significant replayability. The progression system for gear, talents, and chip upgrades encourages players to continue playing. Also, the game’s developers have indicated that they plan on bringing out seasonal updates similar to Diablo 3, meaning that players have a reason to keep coming back to the game to unlock new content and levels. They even have daily quests so you get something for logging in and completing a few quests each day.

With the recent release of Battle Royal, this replayability has increased even more. We all know how much game time Population:One gets, the only thing holding it back right now is the player base!

daily quests


Is it worth it?
rampage vr

Overall, Rampage VR is an excellent multiplayer VR game that offers a unique roguelike experience. Its gameplay, graphics, sound design, and overall immersion are top-notch and worth the investment. Despite its limitations, we highly recommend trying out Rampage VR for an enriching and thrilling multiplayer experience.

Price: $29.99 (SGD)

Operating System: Pico 4, SteamVR, Quest

Editor's Rating:


  • Truly an amazing game that feels like borderlands
  • High replayability with cool talent systems and abilities
  • Battle royale mode out now


  • Long matchmaking times, while the player base is growing