Mutant Boxing League Review: A Knockout or a Flop?

mutant boxing league review

Welcome to the world of VR boxing, where a new game, Mutant Boxing League is trying to making a name for itself. It’s an experience that marries the thrill of boxing with the wonders of virtual reality. Unlike the usual VR boxing offerings, this game brings something fresh to the table. It’s playful yet challenging, offering a unique mix of high-energy gameplay and immersive fitness routines. As we dive into this review, we’re going to explore what makes Mutant Boxing League stand out. Is it just another VR boxing game, or does it genuinely deliver that heart-pumping, sweat-inducing boxing experience it promises? Let’s lace up our gloves and find out.


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About MBL

Rating on Oculus store4.8/5
Release DateDec 21, 2023
GenreAction, Fighting, Sports


Players are encouraged to go beyond mere arm-swinging, learning the finer points of boxing, including timing, precision, and strategic positioning – this is taught in multiple tutorials. The game rewards those who can masterfully juggle offense and defense, making every block, dodge, and counter as vital as landing the perfect punch. While there is a bunch of mini games you can play, I found the boxing to by far be the main event.

It’s roster of boxers, each boasting their own unique style and abilities. This diversity isn’t just for show – it fundamentally changes how you approach each match. Players will find themselves constantly adapting their strategy, learning to read their opponents, and using their skills to outmaneuver and outpunch them.

guy in vr using pad drills with mutant boxing league

A standout feature of the game is its unique glove options, which add significant depth to the gameplay. The power gloves are a personal favorite, and using this to land powerful right hook feels amazing. They bring a strategic edge to your fights, where timing and planning each strike becomes crucial.

Equally impressive are the speed gloves, which slows down time, allowing for swift and precise combo attacks. This feels pretty rewarding and can be used to get out of trouble or on the offensive. It’s exhilarating to step in and unleash a flurry of well-timed punches under the slowed-down effect of these gloves.

guy in vr selecting gloves with mutant boxing league

The game has three difficulty levels, while I normally like to challenge myself I actually found the “Rookie” mode is particularly engaging, this slows down time during an opponent’s punch and providing visual indicators for counterattacks. This approach helps players learn proper dodging techniques and plan their combos, making it an excellent tool for skill development.

Fitness intensity

Mutant Boxing League is an intense physical activity while still keeping the fun of a video game. It’s not just about landing punches in a virtual world; it’s about engaging in a workout that challenges your body and tests your endurance.

My personal experience with the game’s fitness intensity was revealing. I tested it for a solid 20 minutes using a Garmin forerunner, which included a warm-up with pad drills followed by non-stop gameplay through about five different fights. The results were impressive: I burned approximately 176 calories, averaging about 8.8 calories per minute. This rate might be slightly less intense than a session of Les Mills Bodycombat, likely due to the shorter rounds in Mutant Boxing League, which offer frequent breaks or menu interactions.

average heartrate with mutant boxing league

However, the intensity shouldn’t be underestimated. By the end of the 20 minutes, I was drenched in sweat, a testament to the game’s ability to provide a serious workout. This aspect of Mutant Boxing League is perfect for those looking to infuse their fitness routine with a dose of fun and novelty, all while getting a substantial physical workout.

The game does not offer mixed reality support, which I found to limit my comfort in moving around in my smaller play space, which probably did reduce the overall output, compared to thrill of the fight which gives me more confidence to chase my opponent. The game still manages to provide a vigorous workout that is both enjoyable and effective.

Audience Score

As a relatively new entrant in the VR boxing market, Mutant Boxing League hasn’t amassed a large volume of reviews yet, but the early indicators are promising. Currently, it holds a handful of 5-star reviews and one 4-star review. These initial assessments point towards a consensus that Mutant Boxing League is an immensely fun VR boxing and workout game.

guy in vr getting a knockout in mutant boxing league

The reviews, albeit few, consistently highlight the game’s engaging and enjoyable nature, merging the thrill of boxing with an effective physical workout. This positive start in user feedback suggests that the game has managed to strike a chord with its early adopters, delivering on its promise of a fun and immersive fitness experience within a virtual boxing environment.

One potential reason for the limited number of reviews and slower adoption rate could be the game’s pricing. At $25 dollars, it sits at a higher price point compared to some other VR titles, for example TOTF is only $10. This cost factor might be influencing gamers’ willingness to try out the game, especially those who are cautious about investing in newer VR experiences.


Mutant Boxing League stands out not just for its gameplay and fitness elements but also for its immersive qualities. The graphics and scenery are particularly noteworthy, with a them that that gives me Borderlands vibes. This gives the game a distinct, almost mad max feel, enhancing the overall fun and engagement.

guy in vrr throws a right hook in mutant boxing league

Despite the lack of mixed reality support, which is often appreciated in VR games for added safety and spatial awareness, Mutant Boxing League still manages to deliver a highly immersive experience. The absence of mixed reality doesn’t significantly detract from the game’s ability to draw players into its world. In fact, some players might find that the focused VR environment, without the distractions of the real world, enhances their engagement with the game.

The game’s comedic elements, paired with the striking visual style, create a playful and enjoyable atmosphere. This blend of humor and vibrant graphics makes each session in Mutant Boxing League not just a workout or a gaming experience, but a dive into a captivating and entertaining virtual world.


A crucial factor in the longevity of any game is its replayability, and Mutant Boxing League has been designed with this in mind. The game offers a substantial range of challenges, unlockables, and cosmetic items that encourage players to keep coming back. These features not only add depth to the gameplay but also give players goals to strive for beyond just winning matches.

guy in vr looking at dodge indicators in mutant boxing league

The inclusion of different glove types and the ability to unlock new opponents and environments keeps the gameplay experience fresh and engaging. Each match feels distinct, thanks to the variety of boxing styles and abilities presented by the opponents. This diversity ensures that players can’t rely on a single strategy to win every match, compelling them to adapt and refine their techniques.

Moreover, the game’s difficulty levels cater to a wide audience, from beginners to experienced players. This scalability in difficulty not only makes Mutant Boxing League accessible to a broader range of players but also offers a satisfying challenge to those looking to improve their skills over time.

The presence of multiplayer scoreboards adds a competitive edge to the game. While the game currently lacks direct multiplayer fighting, competing against friends and other players worldwide for the top spots on the leaderboards provides an incentive to improve and replay.

Despite its strengths, the game’s potential for replayability could be further enhanced with the addition of direct multiplayer capabilities. The opportunity to face off against friends in the ring would undoubtedly elevate the game’s appeal, offering a new dimension of challenge and enjoyment.

Is Mutant Boxing League Worth It?

mutant boxing league review

Mutant Boxing League punches above its weight as a new entrant in the VR sports genre, blending engaging gameplay with a unique fitness experience. Despite its higher price point and limited reviews, the game's innovative mechanics, immersive environments, and replayability make it an attractive option for those seeking a fun and physically active VR experience. While it may benefit from additional features like direct multiplayer in the future, its current offering is compelling enough for anyone looking to diversify their gaming and workout routines. Mutant Boxing League promises not just a game, but an invigorating challenge that might be the fresh contender your VR library needs.

Price: $24.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Quest

Editor's Rating:


  • Engaging gameplay with unique mechanics
  • Innovative glove options enhance strategy
  • Immersive environments with distinctive visuals
  • Effective physical workout
  • Scalable difficulty levels for all players


  • Higher price point may deter some players
  • Limited number of reviews due to new release
  • No direct multiplayer functionality
  • Lack of mixed reality support