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All-in-One Sports VR Review: 13 VR games for the price of 1


If you are a sports fan and a VR enthusiast, you might be wondering if there is a game that can satisfy your cravings for both. Well, look no further than All-in-one Sports VR, a game that offers 13 different sports experiences in one package. Whether you want to hit a home run, shoot some arrows, or play some squash, this game has it all. But is it worth your time and money? Let’s find out in this review.


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All-in-One Sports Stats

Rating on Pico store5/5
Steam % of upvotes85%
Rating on Oculus Store4.5/5
Release Date25 February 2021
Time to beat main storyNA
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All-in-one Sports VR is a game that lets you play 13 sports in VR, either solo or with other players online. The sports included are baseball, archery, table tennis, basketball, bowling, badminton, golf, dart, billiard, boxing, tennis, volleyball, and squash. Each sport has its own rules and mechanics, and you can choose from five difficulty levels, from beginner to professional. The game also supports player customization, so you can change your avatar’s appearance and outfit.

The gameplay is simple and intuitive, as you use your controllers to mimic the movements of the real sports. For example, in baseball, you swing your controller like a bat; in archery, you pull back and release your controller like a bow; in boxing, you punch with your controllers like fists. The game uses basic physics to simulate the effects of your actions, such as the trajectory of the ball, the impact of the hit, and the sound of the collision.

all in one sports volley ball

The game also offers a variety of modes and options to suit your preferences. You can play solo against AI opponents or practice mode; you can play online with other players in real time PvP; you can play with friends in local multiplayer mode; you can adjust the settings of the game, such as the court size, the ball speed, and the sound effects. The game also has a simple UI and easy control that can help anyone to play.

If you take an individual sport, for example Boxing, there are better options in the VR space like Thrill of the Fight or Creed. But this a jack of all trades and does all 13 games well enough.

All-in-One Sports Asia Challenge

Community events go a long way in preserving the longevity and sentiment towards online games. Earlier this year Pico and the All-in-One sports team ran competition with up to $50,000 worth of prizes. Below is a video of my experience and includes a lot of gameplay footage of All-in-One sports.

Video of the All-in-One Sports VR Asia Challenge

Fitness Intensity

The fitness intensity is going to vary greatly depending on your sport of choice. Multiplayer boxing is one of the most intense VR activities you can find, where as archer or darts will be like a walk in the park. 8.5/10 since you really can ramp up the intensity if you chose to do so.

Audience Score

All-in-one Sports VR has received mostly positive reviews from players who have tried it. On Steam, it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on over 500 reviews and 4.5 with with 350 reviews. Most players praise the game for its variety, fun factor, multiplayer mode, and value for money.

all in one sports archery

Here are some examples of what players have said about the game:

“Very fun! Save money 👍 if you like to check out this game and see what else you may like. 😊 All-In-One Sports has many sports to play such as the newly added volleyball and squash. There’s tennis, basketball, darts, archery and so much more. To the Creators, the physics could be improved especially in badminton (I hit soft but the birdie goes flying out of bounds and usually sideways). No motion sickness. I can’t wait to see what new updates are next!” – Steam user

“I bought this game a while ago and now it includes 13 sports games with fantastic versions of Volleyball and Squash. The gameplay is of course not 100% realistic and each of them is not on par with the standalone versions like ELEVEN or First Person Tennis, but it’s a ton of fun playing these with friends in multiplayer mode. This game definitely deserves an official Meta store release, to be honest. – Quest user


One of the main selling points of VR games is their ability to immerse you in a virtual world that feels real and alive. All-in-one Sports VR does a good job of creating an immersive environment for each sport. The graphics are colorful and detailed, the animations are smooth and natural, the sounds are realistic and dynamic, and the physics are responsive and accurate.

all in one sports squash

If you liked Wii sports then you will love this. For those looking for a more realistic experience, you should look elsewhere.

It now also includes AR mode which is wonderful for Pico 4 and Quest 3 users.


Another important aspect of VR games is their replayability, or how much they can keep you coming back for more. All-in-one Sports VR has a high replay value due to its variety, fun factor, multiplayer mode, and updates.

The game offers 13 different sports that you can play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Each sport has its own challenges and rewards, and you can always try to improve your skills and scores. The game also has a lot of fun and humor, as you can see your avatar’s reactions, in volley ball my AI team mates always seems to be shaking his head angrily at me.

The game also has a strong multiplayer mode that lets you play with other players online or with friends locally. You can compete or cooperate with other players in real time PvP, chat with them using voice or text, and see their avatars and expressions. The game also supports cross-play between SteamVR and Oculus platforms, so you can play with anyone regardless of their device.

all in one sports boxing

The game also receives regular updates from the developers, who add new sports, features, modes, and improvements to the game. For example, the game recently added volleyball and squash as new sports, as well as player customization and facial expressions as new features. The developers also listen to the feedback from the players and fix any bugs or issues that they encounter.

Is it worth it?

all in one sports review

All-in-one Sports VR is a game that offers 13 VR games for the price of 1. It is a game that is suitable for anyone who likes sports and VR, regardless of their age, skill level, or device. It is a game that is fun, immersive, replayable, and updated. It is a game that is worth your time and money. If you're looking for a serious sports simulator - then you would be far better off at looking at one of the dedicated games in that sport - for example Thrill of the Fight or ELEVEN Table Tennis.

Price: $15-20

Operating System: Pico, Quest, PCVR (Steam)

Editor's Rating:


  • Multiplayer
  • 13 different sports to play
  • fun and easy to pick up


  • Gameplay somewhat shallow
  • Can be hard to find online games