PSVR vs PSVR 2: Should you upgrade?


After what seemed to be an eternity, CES 2022 saw Sony announce the specifications of the PSVR 2. While we don’t quite know the exact release dates or price. This give us some important insight as of what to expect when PSVR 2 does finally hit the shelves. It can also help us answer the question if buying the original PSVR during the upcoming price drop will be worth it, or if you are better off waiting for the superior PSVR 2.

Spec comparison PSVR vs PSVR 2

Refresh Rate90Hz 120Hz90Hz 120Hz
Field of Few100°110°
Optical AdjustmentsEye-reliefIPD
TrackingOutside-In (external Camera)Inside-Out (Cameras on headset)
Release date2016Late 2022(expected)
Console CompatibilityPS4, PS5PS5
ConnectersUSB, HDMI (breakout box)USB-C
Release date2016Late 2022 (unconfirmed)
InputsPS Move/Aim Controllers, DS4PSVR 2 Sense Controllers, Eye -tracking
Article and Spec sheet updated August 16th 2022

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Omnidesk Pro 2020 Review


Almost three years into the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for a lot of us. Spending too much time hunched over a laptop at the kitchen table is a recipe for neck and back strain. Whether it’s an extended gaming session or your nine to five, The Omnidesk Pro aims to address this with its adjustable height so you’re comfortable at all times and can keep grinding. This article will review the Omnidesk Pro 2020 after one year of use.

The Omnidesk Pro comes with three sizing options. The 48″, 60″ and 72″. All three have a width of 30 inches. They also offer self assembly or install on delivery for local purchases in Singapore. I personally opted 72″ and for self-assembly. They also sell a range of additional add-ons which include the headphone holder, the cable management bar, mouse pads, foot mats and the power management.

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Is The Oculus Go Worth It?


VR is booming right now and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, by 2023, it’s expected that the number of AR/VR devices shipped worldwide is expected to hit a huge 68.6 million units[1]. This boom in VR has led to some significant advancements in the technology, allowing tech enthusiasts to game and watch media in a way that wasn’t possible even five years ago. However, not everyone wants to experience the latest cutting edge device. This boom has also encouraged more people to become interested in VR in general and wonder if they could benefit from a VR headset. Let’s delve into our review on is the Oculus go worth it in 2022.

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Review of Oculus Quest 2


Virtual reality is one of those consumer technologies that’s been on the hype bandwagon, yet a relatively high barrier to entry. Users are either in it or not – as it requires an ecosystem of constant upgrades and updates to support this hobby.

In an unfortuitous turn of events, the global pandemic has compelled lockdowns across the world and now further blurring the lines of physical realities. Spending (too) much time indoors has got everyone – tech fans or not – craving for the fictional.

The Oculus Quest 2 came at a precarious time and may finally be the one that breaks down these barriers, and invite everyone else in. A sleek upgrade from Oculus Go or Oculus Quest 1, or a mere entertainment add on.

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