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Blaston Review: The Best Free VR Game Ever?


Blaston is a VR dueling shooter game that has recently pivoted from a pay-to-play to free-to-play model. With its smooth and intuitive gameplay, intense fitness experience, and now no payment barrier, Blaston VR has become one of the most popular VR games available. In this Blaston review, we will explore the various aspects of the game and why it is a must-try for all virtual reality fitness enthusiasts.

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Top 20 Best Quest Games To Play Right Now [March 2023 Update]

Photo-of-the-Oculus Quest-Store

The Meta Quest 2 (formally Oculus Quest 2) is a standalone VR headset that allows users to play VR games and experiences without the need for a computer or console. It is considered one of the best VR headsets available, offering high-quality graphics and a wide range of games and experiences to choose from. The list below will look at the best games you can grab directly from the oculus store without the need of an expensive VR gaming ready PC.

If you just recently became an owner or are thinking of acquiring the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro or even waiting for the Meta Quest 3… Check out our top 20 best VR gaming experiences for the Quest headsets you need to catch up on.

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Cheap VR Games: 6 Ways To Build Your Dream VR Library


With headsets ranging from a few hundred to well over a thousand dollars and potentially even more on a computer/console to run it them. By the time you get to your VR store and you’re asked to fork out another 25 bucks for a 4 hour puzzle game, you might be thinking VR is an expensive hobby and cheap VR games don’t exist.

In this article we explore 6 tips on how to get the most bang for your buck when building out your VR Library that will keep you entertained for years.

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PSVR vs PSVR 2: Should you upgrade?


After what seemed to be an eternity, the PSVR 2 is finally here! It costs $550 and dropped on the 22nd of February 2023. Now we’ve got our hands on it, it gives us important insight on how much of an upgrade is it. It can also help us answer the question if buying the original PSVR while it’s cheap will be worth it, or if you are better upgrading to the superior PSVR 2.

Spec comparison PSVR vs PSVR 2

Refresh Rate90Hz 120Hz90Hz 120Hz
Field of Few100°110°
Optical AdjustmentsEye-reliefIPD
TrackingOutside-In (external Camera)Inside-Out (Cameras on headset)
Console CompatibilityPS4, PS5PS5
ConnectersUSB, HDMI (breakout box)USB-C
Release date201622nd February 2023
InputsPS Move/Aim Controllers, DS4PSVR 2 Sense Controllers, Eye -tracking
Article and Spec sheet updated 28th February 2023

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Best VR Fitness Games and Apps 2023 (Quest, PCVR, Pico)


In this article we count down the top 10 best VR fitness games and apps to get you started on your virtual reality fitness journey. In general, VR is going to be a great way to get you daily movement in and any VR game is going to be better than traditional flat screen gaming. But if you’re looking to really get your sweat on, then look no further.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into rhythm games, shooters, sports and the fully fledged fitness apps. We’ve got you covered.

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