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Is PSVR still worth buying in 2019?

PSVR, Is PSVR Still worth Buying

PSVR is one of those platforms that revolutionized the gaming world. Since PS4 is the best seller of this generation for consoles, it made a lot of sense to add VR support to it and the price makes it one of the most accessible VR solutions on the market right now. But is PSVR still worth buying 3 years after release? Let’s find out!

Design and comfort

The unit comes with a 5.7” OLED screen and full HD resolution, so 960×1080 per eye. Unlike other VR solutions this is a single screen. You get full 360 degree vision and you will have the world rendered at 120 FPS at all times. Reading small texts can be difficult, but you get used to that.

The interesting thing about PSVR is that you have full 3D audio and in-ear headphones, as well as a dedicated mic in the headset. So you can easily interact with people and talk with them without having a dedicated microphone. When it comes to comfort, the unit has a great halo head strap with plenty of cushioning. Whenever you put it on it doesn’t feel awkward and while playing you will rarely feel any pressure on your head.


We found that the Move controllers are pretty good, they do bring a sense of immersion and you will notice they are just a pleasure to use all the time. They don’t have the tracking responsiveness offered by Oculus, Valve Index or Vive, but they are indeed functional and that really matters in the end.


Tracking is pretty good considering the price. You will notice a bit of PSVR drift if you’re not centering the unit with the camera. In order to improve tracking you will have to set the headset flat on the floor for a little bit for adjustment purposes. Ideally you also want to avoid reflective surfaces and play in a loom that’s very well lit, but not super bright. And of course, the camera needs to be high enough.


You can’t have a great VR platform without good games. The reality is that PSVR does have some pretty good VR games. You have Skyrim, as well as Borderlands 2 VR, Thumper, Dirt Rally, Arizona Sunshine, Transpose, Superhot VR, Firewall Zero Hour, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Wipeout Omega Collection, Resident Evil 7 and many others.

It’s rather clear that there’s no shortage of PSVR games. Some of them are full games with a VR components, others are just proof of concept or shorter games. Either way, there’s definitely something for everyone here and you will be pretty happy with your purchase as a whole.

Is PSVR still worth buying in 2019? Yes, because prices are down under $300 nowadays and you can also get it with a lot of extra games as a package. Or even with a PS4 console. There’s definitely a whole lot to be had here, so even if there might be a PSVR 2 down the line, you have lots of games to justify the price!

If you want a newer headset but don’t have a powerful PC, check out the Oculus Quest


  • Very easy to use and comfortable
  • Large, expanding game library
  • Cheap compared to other headsets


  • Tracking issues
  • Build quality is not the best or more durable
  • Starting to fall behind in terms of Technology

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