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Thrill of The Fight – Is it still the best VR boxing game 7 years later?


Are you looking for an immersive and exhilarating experience? Then look no further than the Thrill of the Fight! This realistic boxing game puts you in a virtual ring with your opponent, giving you full control to dodge, jab and throw powerful punches. It has been almost seven years since its release and with Thrill of the Fight 2 is just around the corner, we decided to review this game. From its gameplay, fitness intensity and replayability to give you an insight into what makes it so engaging and thrilling for gamers and VR fitness enthusiasts. We will also discuss its pros and cons to help you decide if it is still the best VR boxing game on the market today. So let’s get ready to rumble!


Fitness Intensity:
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One of the most impressive aspects of Thrill of the Fight is its gameplay. From the moment you step into the virtual ring, you are fully immersed in the boxing world, with the ability to move and punch at will. The game offers a variety of characters to fight against, each with their own fighting style and strategy. This makes every bout unique and challenging, as you have to constantly adapt to your opponent’s approach.

The controls in Thrill of the Fight are intuitive and responsive, allowing you to move and punch with precision. You can dodge and weave by physically moving your body, which makes the gameplay feel incredibly realistic. The game also offers a training mode, where you can practice your moves and improve your technique before taking on an opponent in the ring.

One of the most exciting aspects of Thrill of the Fight is the sensation of landing a powerful punch on your opponent. The game uses advanced physics and collision detection, so you can really feel the impact of every blow. This makes the gameplay incredibly satisfying and thrilling, as you strive to knock out your opponent.

The game also offers a range of difficulty levels, from easy to outclassed. This means that whether you are a seasoned boxer or a complete beginner, you can enjoy the game at a level that suits you. The game also includes a career mode, where you can progress through the ranks and become a champion in the virtual boxing world.


Unfortunately there is no multiplayer, so you can’t beat up your friends in this virtual ring.

Thrill of the fight Stats

Rating on Oculus store with # of reviews4.8/5 (10,844 Ratings)
% of upvotes on Steam with # of reviews95% (3,341)
Release Date1 July 2016
GenreFighting, Sports, Fitness
Time to beat main story2 Hours ++
Steam Store Oculus Store

How Intense is Thrill of the Fight?

Thrill of the Fight is not just a great game, it also offers an intense workout. The realistic boxing controls and physics make the game incredibly physically demanding, as you have to dodge and weave while throwing punches with power and precision. This makes every bout an intense cardio exercise that will leave you sweating after each round. The motion tracking also works well, allowing you to move your body around in order to dodge or throw punches without any lag or stuttering. This means that Thrill of the Fight provides a great full-body workout for gamers who are looking to stay fit while having fun at the same time.

In a study by the VR institute of the health they found Thrill of the fight to be one of the most intense games on the market right now. Burning upwards of 15 calories per minute.

This made it very close to the top of our best VR fitness games.

Audience Score

In terms of audience score, Thrill of the Fight has received overwhelmingly positive reviews both on Steam and Oculus. On Steam, the game has an overall rating of 95%, with over 3,400 reviews. Players have praised the game’s realistic gameplay, intense workout, and overall quality. The game has also received high praise on Oculus, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Players have noted the game’s accessibility, its intuitive controls, and the sense of immersion it provides. Additionally, players have noted that the game continuously adds new updates and features, keeping the game fresh and engaging even after multiple playthroughs. Overall, Thrill of the Fight has received high praise from its audience, cementing it as one of the best VR boxing games on the market.


Despite it’s age, immersion is one of the most important aspects of Thrill of the Fight. From the moment you step into the virtual ring, you are fully immersed in a realistic boxing world with incredibly responsive controls and motion tracking that allows you to move your body freely. The game also uses advanced physics and collision detection, so when you land a punch on your opponent it feels incredibly satisfying. This level of immersion makes every bout an intense workout as well as an exciting gaming experience.



Thrill of the Fight offers decent replay value thanks to its variety of opponents, difficulty levels, and game modes. With a range of fighters with different fighting styles, every bout feels unique and challenging. Additionally, the game includes multiple difficulty levels, ranging from easy to expert, allowing players to increase the game’s challenge as they improve their boxing skills. The career mode is also a great addition, allowing players to progress through the ranks and become a virtual boxing champion.

One thing we would have loved to see is multiplayer – this would drastically move the replayability and amount of time players spend on the game.

Is Thrill of the Fight worth it?

Realistic Gameplay: The Thrill of the Fight offers a truly realistic boxing experience that is fully immersive, making every bout feel intense and satisfying.Limited Content: The game’s content is somewhat limited, with only a few opponents and game modes available. Players may feel like they’ve exhausted all of its content after a few playthroughs.
Fitness Intensity: This game offers a great workout for gamers who are looking to stay fit while having fun. The motion tracking is accurate, allowing players to move their body freely and get a full-body workout.No Multiplayer: If you want to take on your friends in virtual boxing you’ll be better off with Creed or waiting for the release of Thrill of the fight 2.
Audience Score: The game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from its audience, with players praising its realistic gameplay, intuitive controls, and high replayability value.Room-Scale Limitations: The game requires a significant amount of space to play, making it difficult for players with limited room-scale setups.


The Thrill of the Fight offers a captivating and realistic boxing experience that immerses players in a virtual ring. With intuitive controls, advanced physics and motion tracking, this game provides an intense workout as well as engaging gameplay for both novice boxers and experienced gamers alike. Additionally, it features multiple difficulty levels and modes to keep players coming back for more with its great replayability value. If you’re looking for an exciting VR boxing game that will challenge your skills while keeping you fit at the same time, look no further than The Thrill of the Fight – it truly is one of the best on offer!