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Yoga VR Review: Finally, Yoga that actually works in VR

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Virtual reality and yoga come together in Yoga VR on the App Lab, creating an unparalleled fitness experience. This review explores how Yoga VR stands out as a leading choice for VR yoga enthusiasts. Its unique mixed reality support allows for an immersive yet aware practice, especially when used in front of a mirror to blend the virtual and physical realms seamlessly.

Yoga VR transcends traditional workout boundaries by offering a variety of enchanting environments, from serene beaches to cosmic settings, each enhancing the yoga experience with their unique ambiance. Catering to all skill levels, the app provides a range of yoga sessions with precise 3D guidance, ensuring effectiveness and engagement for every user.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Yoga VR’s gameplay, fitness intensity, and immersive qualities, evaluating its overall impact on the world of virtual fitness.


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About Yoga VR

Rating on Quest4.4
Release DateMar 31, 2023
DeveloperXR Sweat
GenreHealth & Fitness, Relaxation & Meditation
Meta Store


Yoga VR revolutionizes the concept of virtual yoga with an intuitive and user-friendly gameplay experience that sets it apart in the world of VR fitness. Upon entering the app, users are greeted with a simple yet elegant interface that makes navigating through various options a breeze.

The app’s startup is straightforward, guiding users through a quick setup process that tailors the experience to individual preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, Yoga VR offers a range of sessions to suit your skill level. The ease of selecting different yoga routines adds to the app’s appeal, allowing users to quickly dive into their desired practice without unnecessary complications.

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One of the most innovative aspects of Yoga VR’s gameplay is its mixed reality feature. Using a Quest 3, users are able to see their real environment, including their yoga mat, while being immersed in the virtual world. This fusion not only ensures safety during practice but also enhances the user’s focus and connection with the yoga experience. The ability to see your physical surroundings while engaging in virtual sessions is particularly helpful for those practicing in smaller spaces or near obstacles.

In addition to the mixed reality feature, Yoga VR offers a diverse range of virtual environments. From the tranquility of a forest setting to the serenity of a beachside sunrise, each backdrop is designed to elevate the yoga experience, making each session unique and engaging. This variety keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, motivating users to return and explore new settings.

One improvement would be using hand and body tracking to determine how well you are performing each pose and even give you feedback on how you a are performing

Fitness Intensity

The fitness intensity of Yoga VR is a remarkable feature, catering to a wide spectrum of users, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Unlike many VR fitness apps that focus solely on high-intensity workouts, Yoga VR offers a balanced approach, blending relaxation and mindfulness with physical exertion.

For beginners, like myself, Yoga VR provides an inviting introduction to yoga. The sessions are designed to be accessible, focusing on fundamental poses and gentle flows that build strength and flexibility gradually. These beginner sessions are not only about learning the poses but also about understanding the rhythm and flow of yoga, ensuring a solid foundation for practice.


Intermediate users will find a noticeable step up in intensity. These sessions introduce more complex poses and sequences, challenging users to improve their balance, flexibility, and strength. The precision of the VR experience plays a significant role here, guiding users through each pose with detailed 3D transitions, ensuring correct form and alignment.

Advanced practitioners will appreciate the high-intensity sessions Yoga VR offers. These sessions incorporate challenging poses and sequences that require a high degree of strength, flexibility, and endurance. Attempting this practice was too hard for me at my level of yoga.

Yoga VR also excels in offering variety within its fitness intensity. This diversity not only caters to various fitness levels but also ensures that users can continue to grow and challenge themselves within the app.

Audience Score

Yoga VR has earned an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars on the App Lab, showcasing its widespread acceptance and effectiveness as a VR yoga tool. This high rating is reflective of a broad spectrum of user experiences, from yoga novices to more experienced practitioners. Let’s explore the overarching themes from these reviews.

Positive Highlights:

  1. Ideal for Beginners: Many users have emphasized Yoga VR’s accessibility for beginners. They appreciate its user-friendly design and the passthrough feature, which aids in proper pose alignment and enhances safety.
  2. Engaging and Immersive Experience: The immersive environments, such as the tranquil pond setting, along with the interactive feature where the instructor follows the user’s gaze, have been particularly well-received. This unique approach adds a layer of engagement and enjoyment to the yoga practice.
  3. Innovative Features for Precision: The app’s hand tracking and 3D guidance are praised for their accuracy in demonstrating yoga poses. This attention to detail in pose execution sets Yoga VR apart in the realm of VR fitness.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Expansion of Content: A frequent suggestion is for more diverse content. Users are looking forward to a wider range of poses and longer workout options to enhance their practice.
  2. Balanced Difficulty Levels: Some feedback points to the need for more intermediate levels or a smoother transition between the existing difficulty levels. This would help bridge the gap for users advancing from beginner to more challenging practices.
  3. Enhancements in Realism and Technical Aspects: Users have expressed a desire for more realistic scenes and improvements in elements like animal animations, aiming for a more authentic and polished virtual yoga environment.

Developer Engagement and Responsiveness:

A notable aspect of Yoga VR is the active involvement of its developers in responding to user feedback. They have shown a commitment to continuously improving the app, with plans to release new content, address technical issues, and explore enhancements based on user suggestions.


The immersive quality of Yoga VR is a cornerstone of its appeal, offering users an experience that goes beyond traditional yoga practice. This VR yoga app takes advantage of virtual reality technology to create an environment that is not only conducive to physical exercise but also to mental relaxation and mindfulness.

Virtual Environments: Yoga VR transports users to various tranquil and beautifully crafted virtual environments. Whether it’s practicing yoga on a serene beach, in a peaceful forest, or even amidst the stars in outer space, these settings contribute significantly to the overall immersive experience. The attention to detail in these environments, from the visual aesthetics to the ambient sounds, helps in creating a truly immersive yoga session.

Interactivity and Engagement: A key feature enhancing the immersion in Yoga VR is the interactivity. The app employs advanced hand tracking and a rotating instructor model, where the virtual instructor follows the user’s gaze. This ensures that users can perform yoga poses accurately and comfortably, making the experience more personal and engaging.

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Mixed Reality Feature: The mixed reality support is a standout aspect of Yoga VR, seamlessly blending the real world with the virtual. This feature allows users to see their actual surroundings while being immersed in the virtual yoga session. It’s particularly useful for maintaining spatial awareness and safety during practice, especially for users in confined spaces.

User Experience and Mindfulness: Beyond physical fitness, Yoga VR offers an experience that promotes mindfulness and mental well-being. The immersive environments and the gentle flow of the sessions encourage users to focus, breathe, and engage in the present moment, enhancing the mental health benefits of yoga.


Yoga VR’s replayability hinges on two key aspects: the progression of difficulty levels and its dynamic, evolving content.

Progressive Difficulty Levels: The app offers tiered difficulty levels, from beginner to advanced, each presenting a unique set of challenges and sequences. This progression system not only caters to improving skills but also keeps users engaged, encouraging them to explore more complex sessions as they advance.

Dynamic and Evolving Content: Yoga VR’s commitment to regularly updating its content is a major draw for users. New poses, sessions, and environments are frequently added, ensuring the app remains fresh and engaging. This continual evolution keeps the experience exciting and motivates users to revisit and explore the new additions.

Potential for Progress Tracking: One aspect that could enhance Yoga VR’s replayability is the inclusion of progress tracking. By providing users with insights into their journey and improvements, it would add a personalized touch, encouraging them to continue their practice and achieve their fitness goals.

Yoga VR Results

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Is Yoga VR Worth it?

yoga vr review

Yoga VR emerges as an innovative and engaging addition to the VR fitness landscape. With its unique mixed reality feature, variety of immersive environments, and progressive difficulty levels, the app caters to a broad spectrum of yoga enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced practitioners. While there is room for enhancement in pose variety and the addition of progress tracking, the overall experience is highly commendable. Yoga VR not only offers a new way to practice yoga but also enriches the experience by combining the tranquility of traditional yoga with the excitement of virtual reality. As it continues to evolve, Yoga VR promises to redefine the approach to yoga and fitness in the virtual space.

Price: 5

Operating System: Quest

Editor's Rating:


  • Innovative Mixed Reality Feature
  • Progressive Difficulty Levels
  • Dynamic Content Updates


  • Limited Pose Variety
  • Need for Progress Tracking
  • Desire for More Realistic Environments