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Audio Trip Review: Dance Your Way to Fitness


Audio Trip is a virtual reality rhythm game that offers an intense cardio workout in a vibrant and immersive environment. The game is available on all major VR platforms with 30 recognizable songs to choose from and over 500 custom songs. It also comes with a unique “cardio mode” that adds an extra layer of intensity to the workout.


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About Audio Trip

Release Date24 October 2019
DeveloperKinemotik Studios
Rating on Oculus store with # of reviews4.6/5 (1,380)
% of upvotes on Steam with # of Reviews90% (253)
GenreMusic & Rhythm, Arcade
ReplayabilityExtremely High
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Audio Trip Gameplay

Audio Trip is similar to other rhythm games, but the simplicity and music tracks available will have you coming back for more. You’ll be hitting orbs, dodging walls, and ducking under obstacles as you move to the beat of the music. The games “cardio mode”, increases the speed of the orbs and obstacles which will get you twisting your body side to side. The standard mode has an 3 adjustable levels of difficulty, so you can challenge yourself as you get used to the game. You can also select a quick trip or full trip. These will alter the length of the song.

The menu and user interface is one of the best. You select you song and modifiers using you hand which feels a bit more interactive than the standard point and select menu UI we see in most VR rhythm games.

Audio trip also has the ability to build your own playlists, so you can set up a 30 minute workout in advance and the songs will automatically play back to back.

As of the most recent update, audio trip now features a campaign mode too.

screenshot of cardio playlist
Screenshot of Cardio Playlist

The only thing its really missing is a multiplayer mode. if you want to take on your friends in real time its probably best to stick to Beat Saber or Synth Riders.

Fitness Intensity

Audio Trip is an excellent way to get a cardio workout in without having to leave the house. The game requires you to move your entire body and use your arms to hit the targets. While you don’t necessarily have to use your legs much often you will find yourself dancing by accident. The “cardio mode” adds an extra layer of intensity to the workout, as you’ll be pushing yourself to hit more orbs in a shorter amount of time. The game also offers a calorie tracking system, so you can keep track of how many calories you are burning.

In my own test I set up a 30 minute playlist using the cardio mode. In 30 minutes I burnt approximately 195 calories with and average heart rate of 108 BMP.

Heart rate while playing Audio Trip

How Many Calories can you Burn playing Audio Trip

The VR institute of health and exercise conducted a study to measure the energy output of participants playing Audio Trip by measuring their heart rate and oxygen consumption. They found the following

  • Average MET (Metabolic equivalent of 6.94)
  • A 60kg person would burn approximately 7.29 to 8.94  calories per minute
  • This puts it at moderate intensity, the equivalent of playing a tennis
  • This makes it more intense than both Dance Collider and Synth Riders, but less intense than Ragnarock


Audio Trip offers an immersive experience with its vibrant environments and high-energy music. The graphics aren’t quite as high as it’s main competitor, Synth Rider. But where Audio Trip excels is it’s small but quality music and they feeling of getting a fantastic workout in. I love the how you can set up a playlist and you can just hit all of your favorite tracks in a row without stopping.

Replayability/Is it Worth it?

Audio Trip is a great game for those who are looking for an immersive cardio workout experience. While its initial song offering is small in number, it is better in quality than most over – You will recognize songs from PSY, Lady Gaga and Skirllex. Plus, Audio Tript has an active modding community so you are able to upload your own custom songs. 

Because of this, the replayability of the game is high, as there is always something new to try and challenge yourself with. The game is definitely worth the price, as it offers an intense workout and an immersive experience. Personally, I put this above both Synth rides and Dance collider which have a similar theme and gameplay.

How to get Custom Songs on Audio Trip

Audio Trip has a small but active community. Best to to get started is to head over to their discord and follow their instructions.

  1. Go and join to their discord channel
  2. Introduce yourself in the introduction channel
  3. Accept the rules
  4. Select your headset
  5. Pick through the various channels for you what you need to do

There is an ask-for-help section if you get stuck

But if you just want the songs on PCVR and can’t be bothered with discord.

  1. Navigate to the ATCD website
  2. Select the ATCD library Google doc
  3. Download a specific songs/ all songs
  4. Unzip and drag the zip files into %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Kinemotik Studios\Audio Trip\Songs

For Quest users it even easier

  1. Install the ATCD Choreography Sync on Sidequest
  2. Just launch the app from “Unknown sources” and download the latest releases