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Ragnarock Review: Unleash a VR Viking Workout


Ragnarock uniquely marries the thrill of VR rhythm gaming with the intensity of a workout, set against a backdrop of Viking mythology. This game transforms the concept of VR fitness, offering an exhilarating experience that’s as much about immersive entertainment as it is about physical exercise.

Even in 2024, Ragnarock continues to captivate players, proving that fitness in the virtual world can be both fun and effective. This review delves into the heart of Ragnarock’s appeal, exploring how it stands out in the VR fitness landscape and whether it’s the right choice for your VR gaming collection.


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About Ragnarock

Release Date15 July 2021
Rating on Meta store4.7/5
% of upvotes on Steam94%
GenreMusic & Rhythm, Sports
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Steam Store, Meta Store


Forget story or campaign. Ragnarock offers two just game modes: solo and online multiplayer. In solo mode, you race against your previous personal best. While in multiplayer mode, you can compete against up to 5 other Viking captains. Each song has three different difficulty levels, with increasing complexity and more runes to hit. The more runes you hit, the further you go. As you successfully streak consecutive hammer strikes, the power bar fills up on your hammers. Once it reaches full power, you can slam the gong on either side of you and your crew will be motivated to power forward for a short burst of speed.

Key to the gameplay is the hammer-wielding action that simulates the drumming. This mechanic is not only intuitive but also physically demanding, providing a workout that targets the upper body and core. The game’s responsiveness to your movements is impressive, with each strike providing immediate auditory and visual feedback, reinforcing the rhythm-based play.

hitting the power up in ragnarock

The variety of tracks in Ragnarock is another standout feature. The game boasts a diverse soundtrack, ranging from traditional Norse melodies to more modern, heavy rock compositions. This musical diversity ensures that the gameplay remains fresh and engaging, appealing to metal and rock musical tastes and keeping players motivated to move to the beat.

Players strive to achieve target distances and earn medals (bronze, silver, gold). There are also online leaderboards and challenging achievements for players to go for.

You can customize your boat, character model, and hammers, but the main point is to pick a song and rock out.

Fitness Intensity

There are two different play styles that will impact how physically demanding this game is.

Progressing with difficult songs: The most common way to progress in rhythm games is to take on more difficult and faster songs as you improve. While this can feel like a great sense of progression, it may not the best way to workout. As the runes get faster and faster, you will have to drastically limit your range of motion. Once you get to about level six and above, the notes will be coming at you so fast that you will only be using your wrist. While this can provide a good cardiovascular workout, the amount of muscle recruitment is limited, dampening the effects of a workout.

Slamming easy songs: Another to play Ragnarock is to stick to songs on the easiest difficulty. Instead of worrying about your high score, all you should focus on is absolutely destroying the drums in front of you with your hammers. The motion is almost like a battle rope exercise. Start by lifting your arms above your head then slamming down down all the way using a full range of motion while keeping your core tight. This makes for a great upper body workout.

How Many Calories can you Burn Playing Ragnarock?

In a 20 minute session of Ragnarock, I repeatedly played the Offspring on the easiest difficulty using the slamming method above. My stats were recording using a Garmin Forerunner smartwatch.

heartrate while playing ragnarock
Heart rate while playing Ragnarock for 20 minutes
  • Approximately, 10 calories per minute can be burned playing Ragnarock.
  • Average heart rate of 136 BPM
  • High Heart rate of 146 BPM
  • 218 Total Calories burnt in 20:13 minutes

The game is massively upper body focused, and swinging down the mighty hammers will work out your shoulders, arms, and lats, all while keeping your core tight.

This is more intense that Beat Saber but less intense than Les Mills Body Combat.


Graphics: Visually, Ragnarock doesn’t boast the most advanced or detailed graphics in the VR gaming landscape. The visuals are somewhat basic, with a cartoonish style that lacks the finesse and complexity seen in higher-end VR titles. While the game’s aesthetic suits its Viking theme and is functional for the rhythm gameplay, it doesn’t push the boundaries of what modern VR can achieve visually.

Soundtrack and Immersion: However, any shortcomings in the graphics are quickly forgotten once you’re swept up in the game’s exceptional sound and immersive experience. Ragnarock excels in auditory engagement. The soundtrack is the star of the show, featuring an energetic mix of Viking-inspired tunes that are both thematic and invigorating. Each drumbeat, melody, and rhythm is crafted to not only guide the gameplay but also to enhance the overall immersive experience.

photo of a man enjoying ragnarock in vr

The immersion factor in Ragnarock is remarkable. As soon as the music starts, players are transported to a rhythmic Viking world. The combination of engaging tunes and the rhythmic hammering action makes you feel like a part of a grand Norse adventure. This auditory immersion compensates for the graphical limitations, as players become more focused on the rhythm and less concerned about the visual details.

Perhaps I’m a bit biased here, the game is very immersive for me as I love the Viking genre. My time perception goes completely out the window. When setting out to do a 20-minute workout, I often end up playing for 40 minutes later. If I had to pick one thing to improve it would be the graphics. Ragnarock has a very cartoony and cheap look which is probably what puts people off trying it in the first place.


Even with the base game alone, it is unique enough and offers such a good upper body workout that you will keep coming back for more. And, like all good rhythm games, it has music packs and the ability to include custom songs, giving it even more longevity.

Ragnarock also has a multiplayer mode, where players can challenge friends or competitors from around the globe. This aspect of the game adds a competitive edge to the rhythmic drumming, turning each session into a social and interactive event. Leaderboards foster a healthy competitive spirit, encouraging players to improve their skills and climb the ranks.

How to get custom Songs into Ragnarock for Quest and Steam?

Head on over to Ragnacustoms. At the time of writing they have over 1000 custom songs to choose from. You can either use a one click installer or download the zip filers manually and put them in the correct folder.

Video Review

Video Review of Ragnarock

Is Ragnarock worth it?


Ragnarock is certainly worth considering for those looking for an entertaining way to incorporate fitness into their gaming routine. The game's ability to merge engaging gameplay with physical activity, coupled with its strong community aspects, makes it a unique and appealing choice in the VR gaming market. While it may not satisfy those seeking advanced graphics or a different thematic experience, its strengths in gameplay, fitness, and community engagement make it a valuable addition for rhythm game enthusiasts and those seeking a fun workout.

Price: $24.99

Operating System: Quest, Pico, PC VR

Editor's Rating:


  • Engaging Rhythm Gameplay
  • Fitness Potential
  • Soundtrack and Immersion


  • Basic Graphics
  • Niche Appeal