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VR Meditation and VR Yoga: A New Way of Zen


Virtual reality’s applications are not limited to just gaming and entertainment. VR is now being used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, wellness and fitness. In this article, we’ll explore how virtual reality is being used to enhance meditation and yoga practices.

VR is able create immersive experiences that can transport users to different worlds and environments. This can be a fun and engaging way for people to get started in their meditation and Yoga journey.

Pros and Cons of VR Meditation and VR Yoga

Immersive environments: Virtual reality can transport users to a variety of environments that are specifically designed for meditation. These environments can be used to set a relaxing and meditative tone for practice.Potential for distraction: Virtual reality can be highly immersive, but it also has the potential to be distracting. Users may find themselves paying more attention to the virtual environment than their yoga or meditation practice.
Mixed reality: Mixed reality makes Yoga easier to get into the correct pose as you are able to see you arms legs through the headset.Lack of personal instruction: Practicing yoga and meditation in VR means that you don’t have a live teacher who can give you tailored feedback, instruction, and guidance. This can make it more difficult for users to improve their form and alignment, and may make the practice less effective.
Variety of options: Virtual reality apps and experiences offer a variety of yoga and meditation practices, sequences, and environments to choose from. This can make it easier to find something that works for your needs, preferences, and level.Cost: Virtual reality equipment can be expensive, and apps and experiences may have additional costs. This may make it difficult for some users to access virtual reality yoga and meditation practices.
Accessibility: Virtual reality can make yoga and meditation more accessible to people who might not be able to attend in-person classes or travel to certain locations. It allows more people to practice by themselves at homeDiscomfort: There have not been conclusive studies that have shown any negative effects of VR. However, some people may experience motion sickness or eye strain from extended use of VR headsets.

Virtual Reality Meditation

Using virtual reality, users can actively enhance their meditation practice in a variety of ways. One way to do this is by immersing themselves in virtual environments that are specifically designed for meditation. These environments can range from peaceful forests to secluded beaches, and can actively help set a relaxing and meditative tone for meditation practice. Furthermore, virtual reality can actively aid users by providing guided meditation practices and prompts, which can actively help users develop the skill of meditation.

One of the key benefits of meditation is relaxation and reduction of stress. The immersive nature of virtual reality can help users to block out distractions and focus on the present moment, which is an essential aspect of meditation practice. Additionally, virtual reality can help users to develop an understanding of how to meditate, which can be useful for anyone who wants to reduce stress, increase focus and boost well-being.

Best VR Meditation Apps

There are several virtual reality meditation apps and experiences available. These apps offer a variety of meditation practices, environments, and guides to enhance the meditation practice.

Guided Meditation VR (Quest, PCVR)

Rating on Oculus store3.9
% of upvotes on Steam79%
Release Date1st June 2016
ProsMultiple environments, Free for GO/Gear
ConsPaid on Steam/Quest
Meta Store, Steam Store

360° Videos on YouTube – Example: Virtual Nature 360° (All headsets)

Meditation videos on YouTube are not a new concept. However, the ability to experience these videos in 360° degrees can provide a unique and immersive way to practice meditation. This format allows viewers to feel as though they are in the same space as the instructor, which can make the experience more personal and engaging.

Additionally, the vast library of content on YouTube means that there are many different types of meditation videos to choose from, you can pick from guided or just high quality nature videos. Furthermore, the fact that these videos are free to watch means that anyone can access them without any financial burden.

Virtual Nature 360° – 5.7K Nature Meditation

Tripp (Quest, Vive Flow, PSVR, Nreal, smartphone)

Tripp Trailer

Tripp is a multi-platform, subscription-based, VR meditation app. Users can actively choose from a variety of virtual environments, such as floating in space, being surrounded by nature or being in a calm and peaceful room. Additionally, Tripp (VR) also provides users with guided meditations that can actively guide them through different mindfulness and breathing exercises. This active engagement with the virtual environment and guided meditations can help users to actively focus on their breath and stay present in the moment.

Rating on Oculus store with # of reviews3.9
Release DateDecember 20, 2019
ProsHigh quality, can access on multiple decives
ConsSubscription required
Meta store

Meditation VR (PCVR)

Sit back and relax on a deserted island. Meditation VR comes with a short (10 minute) guided meditation as you slowly watch the sun set over your secluded island. This also comes with an integration to Spotify so you can play your own music while you relax.

Meditation VR view from the beach chair
% of upvotes on Steam store75%
Release Date1st August 2020
ProsFree, a good way to test if VR meditation is for you
ConsOnly available on Steam, only one location, one guided meditation
Steam Store

Virtual Reality Yoga

Virtual reality can be used to enhance yoga practice in a variety of ways. One way is by providing users with virtual environments that are specifically designed for yoga practice. These environments can range from serene natural landscapes to futuristic spaces, and can be used to set a relaxing and meditative tone for yoga practice. Additionally, mixed reality can be used to provide users with visual cues and prompts for yoga poses and sequences, helping users to improve their form and alignment.

However, there are limitations of VR yoga to be aware of. One of the main limitations is the lack of full-body tracking, which can make it difficult for users to receive feedback on whether their poses are correct. Without this feedback, it can be challenging for users to improve their technique.

Additionally, there are significantly fewer fully-built out VR yoga experiences and apps compared to VR meditation. This means that there is a limited selection of yoga content to choose from, and the quality of the available content may not be as high.

Best VR Yoga Apps

There are several virtual reality yoga related apps and experiences available. These apps offer a variety of yoga classes, sequences and environments to enhance the yoga practice.

Yoga VR (Quest)


Yoga VR on the App lab offers an immersive yoga session and is the best VR yoga experience available today. One of its unique features is the mixed reality support, which allows you to blend your real surroundings with the virtual elements of the app. This way, you can easily follow the instructions and see your mat without removing the headset, this works really well if you use it Infront of a mirror to see yourself. If you prefer a different setting, you can also choose from various environments and music styles, such as beach, forest, or snow. Here’s our full review of Yoga VR.

Rating on Quest4.5
Release DateMar 31, 2023
ProsA proper yoga experience
ConsPaid ($5)
Meta Store

Supernatural (Stretch): (Quest 2)

stretch supernatural jpg
Stretch Section of Supernatural

Supernatural is an all-in-one fitness VR app that can be used for various exercises, including yoga. While it is not a proper yoga app, it does include a section dedicated to stretching which can help with mobility and relaxation. This section is designed to guide users through a series of stretching exercises that focus on different parts of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, and hips.

The stretches can increase range of motion, decrease muscle tension, and improve flexibility in users. Additionally, the immersive and peaceful virtual surroundings in Supernatural are made to aid users in unwinding and concentrating throughout their yoga practice. It is a fantastic choice for people who want to incorporate different forms of fitness into their yoga practice in a virtual reality setting.

Rating on Oculus store 4.3
Release DateApril 24, 2020
ProsIncludes other types of exercise, fantastic visuals and fully guided
ConsRequires a monthly subscription
Oculus store

360° videos on YouTube – Example: Bikini Yoga VR

VR Bikini Yoga video

One of the best places to go for a large library of Yoga lessons has always been Youtube, and it’s no different in VR. If we take VR Bikini Yoga as an example, you will absolutely get a good workout and improve your flexibility and balance.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious or out of place in a traditional yoga studio. So, put on your VR headset and get ready to sweat and stretch in style.

What is the best headset for VR Yoga and VR Mediation?

When it comes to using a VR headset for yoga and meditation, the most important factors to consider are comfort and the ability to move freely. A wireless headset such as the Pico 4 or Oculus Quest 3 is a great option because it eliminates the risk of getting tangled in wires while you’re moving through different yoga poses.

It’s worth noting that the accuracy of controller tracking, field of view and resolution is not be as important for VR meditation as they would be for traditional VR gaming. In this case, even old devices like the Oculus Go or a smartphone VR headsets can work well and be a great budget friendly alternative.

Final Thoughts

Virtual reality is being used to enhance mediation and yoga practices in a variety of ways. By providing users with virtual environments and prompts, virtual reality can help users to improve focus, body awareness, and relaxation. There are several virtual reality yoga and meditation apps available which can help users to get started with VR-enhanced practice.

It’s clear that virtual reality has a lot of potential in the fitness industry and will be a powerful tool to make exercise and meditation more accessible and effective. For those who are interested in trying virtual reality for yoga or meditation, I recommend checking out some of the apps and experiences mentioned above.

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