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Until You Fall Review: The Best VR Sword Fighting Workout

until you fall review

Until You Fall is a VR game that has received a lot of praise for its unique rogue like gameplay for both VR and RPG enthusiasts. Developed by Schell Games, Until You Fall was released in early access August 2019 and then full released one year later. It has become a popular VR game for players looking for a challenge and a solid workout. In its three years the game has received many updates, like the release of two handed weapons and constantly improving upon itself. We review the gameplay, fitness intensity, audience score, immersion, and replayability of Until You Fall.


Fitness Intensity:
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Gameplay of Until You Fall

Until You Fall is a high-octane virtual reality game that centers on sword-fighting action in a fantasy world filled with dangerous creatures that must be defeated. Players are thrown into the game without any tutorial, and they must learn the mechanics and controls as they progress through the game.

One of the standout features of the gameplay is the game’s procedurally generated levels, which ensures that no two playthroughs are ever the same. Players will need to learn how to switch between offence and defence as they fight off waves of enemies that come at them from all angles. The fights are intense and fast-paced, and players must develop their combat skills to survive against the game’s variety of monsters.

Players have the option to explore a few different paths in the game, which adds to its replayability. One path is focused on magic, while the other path is centered around melee combat – this can be split further by one handed or two handed weaponry. Each path has its unique set of weapons and fighting styles, giving players more options for customization and strategy. Additionally, as players progress through the game, they will collect Aether and upgrades that they can use to enhance their abilities and prepare for even greater challenges.

Until You fall Stats

Rating on Oculus store with # of reviews4.7/5 (2,069 Ratings)
% of upvotes on Steam with# of Reviews94% (2,937)
Release Date27 October 2020
GenreAction, RPG (Role Playing Games)
Time to beat main story8 hours ++
Oculus Store Steam Store

Fitness Intensity

In virtual reality gaming, intensity and immersion are essential components that need to be taken into consideration. The intensity of Until You Fall has been praised for its focus on upper-body workouts that would undoubtedly help players develop muscle and burn excess fat.

Every sword swing in Until You Fall requires a lot of energy- and you are rewarded for doing so. This makes the game a perfect workout routine for those who have intentions of developing better upper body strength.

In a study by The VR Institute of Health and Fitness showed that 30 minutes of intense gameplay in Until You Fall can burn anywhere from 204-255 calories in a 60kg individual. Which is equivalent to a moderate aerobic workout. Most VR headsets now have an inbuilt calorie tracker feature. This constantly monitors the player’s exertion rate and progress, providing valuable feedback for those who are seeking to track and improve their fitness levels.

Furthermore, the game’s engaging gameplay mechanics and immersive environment make it so that players forget that they’re even exercising. This is essential for maintaining motivation and adherence to a fitness routine. I often find myself thinking “I’ll play just one more game”.

To see how this compares to other popular VR fitness games you can check out our top 10 VR fitness Games list.

Audience Score if Until You Fall

It is no secret that audience scores play a significant role in the success of a video game. Until You Fall has performed admirably in this category as it has managed to keep gamers engaged and intrigued all through its lengthy gameplay.

The game has a 94% rating on Steam and 4.7/5 on the Oculus Store. It has been praised for its challenging gameplay and unique experience.

Players also love the fact that the game is improving all the time with new weapons being added like the release of the two handed weapons. This drastically changes the game play and adds to the replayability.


Until You Fall is one of those games that take the immersion factor of virtual reality gaming to a whole different level. The game’s visuals and sound design are top-notch, and it provides an experience that can only be described as indescribable.

The game’s enemies have been crafted to detail, making every encounter more exhilarating than the last. The background music, sound effects and punishing but satisfying combat makes it easy for gamers to forget where they are and transport themselves into the game’s world of adventure.

When you are on low health the screen starts to go red/grey and you can hear your heart pumping. This adds to the excitement and thrill of clutching out and beating a challenging boss.


Until You Fall is a highly replayable game, with players able to improve their skills and try different weapons and strategies. The game features a variety of difficulty levels, which means that players can continue to challenge themselves as they progress.

For instance, once you beat the game using one handed weapons on easy mode you could start again with a two handed axe. This would require you to collect even more Aether to level up your axe to the point where you can take on all 15 levels.


How Many Weapons in Until You Fall?

As of writing there a 15 weapons available, The below is taken from the Fandom Page


Is Until You Fall worth it?
until you fall review

Until You Fall is one of the most innovative sword-fighting games in the virtual reality genre, and it provides gamers with a unique experience that they cannot find anywhere else. The game's mechanics, fitness intensity, audience score, immersion, and replayability make it a must-have for gamers who love adventure and combat. The game has been positively received by gamers all around the world, and it has performed admirably on various gaming platforms. With Until You Fall, gamers have found an enthralling experience that delivers on all fronts, and it is a game that we highly recommend to virtual reality gaming enthusiasts.

Price: $24.99

Operating System: PSVR, PCVR, Quest

Editor's Rating:


  • Great workout
  • Procedurally generated
  • Many different weapons and play styles


  • Difficult and punishing