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The Top Five Upcoming VR Games On PC

Virtual reality has seen an upward surge in the marketplace at a yearly rate. As more and more gamers elect to strap on the headset to experience the full-scale immersion of VR. In truth, the platform has come on leaps and bounds since its well-received inception. Although the PS4’s PSVR has had moderate success, the PC alternatives have raised the bar to deliver the best VR experiences to date.

With that in mind, join us as we delve into the future and unearth the best PC, VR games set to blow minds. Strap in tight and brace yourself for sensory overload. Here, are the top 5 upcoming VR games on PC.


First on our list, is the sci-fi sensation Stormland. Coming to the Oculus Rift sometime in 2019, this big-budget blockbuster, being developed by Insomniac Games promises big things of galactic proportions. As one of the first games to realize the open-world potential of VR, expect integrated free-roam elements and a new level of interactivity.

First impressions are decent, while the android augmentations look out of this world. Add to a that, a gamut of cool synthetic upgrades, and the ability to pulse through the air at high velocity. Surely then, one of the most anticipated games coming to VR. Better still, this fun, futuristic voyage possesses the look of a classic in the making. In short, we can’t wait to explore the altering cloudscape and the ruins of a by-gone civilization with friends.

Lone Echo II

Second, to grace our list of the top 5 upcoming VR games on PC is Lone Echo II. In truth, there is little wonder that hype levels surrounding this game have hit stratospheric levels, especially given the popularity of the first game in the series. In what was a unique experience that nailed the surreal nature of Zero-G, while adding a well-weighted narrative full of substance.

Presently, we don’t have much to go on regarding the sequel. But rest assured, the Co-stories of Jack and Liv are bound to live on within the next installment, in spectacular sci-fi fashion. Plus, Ready at Dawn is one of the leading developers in the field of Virtual reality. So then, probability wise, this will be a top-rate title.


Third, on our list of the top 5 upcoming VR games on PC is Defector. Seemingly, the game has been pushed back to release in 2019. Hopefully, its extended time in development will work to the games benefit. At its heart, Defector is a high-octane spy thriller, that incorporates action elements and puzzle solving.

This Rift Exclusive allows for dynamic dialogue, in which decisions drastically alter the course of events while changing mission pathways. More importantly, you’ll be able to do all the special agent stuff, like hoping in vehicles, gunning down grunts and performing acrobatic stunts from the skies. That sounds like a recipe for explosive fun in my book.


Indeed, one of the most obscure titles on this list, Zed is a story-driven adventure game like no other. At its core, Zed shares a poignant and personal story about a man who has dementia. Nearing the end of his era on earth, the old man strives to leave a piece of his legacy behind by putting together a children’s book for his eventual Granddaughter. As he rediscovers the fragments of his past, he strives to come to terms with his fate and reminisces upon his experiences.

Developed by Eagre Studios, the game will release for the Rift and HTC Vive headsets. What’s more, it carries some muscle. Mainly, thanks to the inclusion of Chuck Carter. One of the creative minds behind the popular Myst franchise, who is devoting his time and expertise to the project. Even more, reason, to give this gem in the making a go.

Population: One

Lastly, on the top 5 upcoming VR games on PC is Population: One. Frankly, this title deserves a place, purely because of the genres meteoric rise to prominence in recent years. Battle Royale is an oversaturated market, but VR is an exciting avenue not yet explored. Just like the genre-giant Fortnite, Population: One allows the player to build and craft on the fly.

Where it sets itself apart from the field, is in the creative climbing mechanic, which enables the player to reach high-level loot, while claiming power points of strategic relevance. We can’t wait to discover more of this MMOFPS set to give Fortnite a run for its money.

To summarise, this list alone aptly demonstrates the power and potential of VR. As technology advances and ambitious, innovation-based design continues to evolve, developers push the limits of what’s conceivable. At least, as a VR experience. All in all, the futures bright for this sub-genre gripping the world by storm.

That rounds-off this list of the top 5 upcoming VR games on PC. Though that may be true, we want to know, is there a title that took you to another dimension? Which specific VR game utilizes the full potential of the platform? Have your say in the chat below. We welcome your thoughts.

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