Skyrim VR Review: With the Top 5 Mods for 2024


If you’re a gamer and haven’t heard of Skyrim yet, you’re probably living under a rock. It’s one of the most popular open-world RPG games released in the last decade. But with the release of Skyrim VR, the game has taken a whole new level. VR adds a level of immersion that just wasn’t possible before, and it’s a game-changer for those looking to experience an unforgettable gaming experience. In this review, we’ll explore the gameplay, fitness intensity, audience score, immersion, replayability, the top 5 custom mods, and the pros and cons of Skyrim VR in 2024.

Verdict (With Mods)

Fitness Intensity:
Audience Score:

About Skyrim VR

% of upvotes on Steam with # of reviews75% (9,513)
Release Date3 April 2018
GenresRPG, Adventure
Time to beat main story25 Hours +
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The gameplay of Skyrim VR is a relatively lazy conversion of the base game, with many features not yet optimised for Virtual Reality. It’s clear to see that Bethesda put little effort into making sure players can truly feel immersed in the game. However, all is not lost as custom mods can drastically improve this. Most notably, a mod called VRIK allows players to access all of their inventory items with ease and without the need to fumble around in menus. This greatly improves combat as you no longer have to worry about accessing your weapons and spells quickly. These modifications provide a much better experience than what was originally offered in the base game.

For the rest of the article, we will be reviewing the game as a modded game, rather than just the base game. Without mods, Skyrim VR would fall flat on its face and not be worth picking up in 2024.

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Fitness Intensity

Combat involves physical movements, such as swinging a sword or casting a spell. There is also a setting so you have to squat down to sneak, which can be a leg burner if you a playing a build like the stealth Archer. But the overall fitness intensity is moderate at best. For the majority of time in Skyrim you will be exploring with movement just using your joystick, in dialog or just looking around. It still beats sitting on the couch though!

Audience Score

Skyrim VR has a pretty mixed bag of reviews on Steam with only 75% of players giving it an upvote. The majority of players praise the immersion and the feeling of being in the game world. Some have described it as a “dream come true” for fans of the series. The only issue for most is that the VR version of this game is deemed “unplayable” without modes.


Immersion is the heart of Skyrim VR, especially with mods which we will get to in a bit. The updated graphics and audio make it feel like a new game. The VR headset allows you to experience time perception in a new way; time in the game world feels slow and drawn out, making it feel more “real.” You can also use voice commands to interact with the game, making you feel like a true Dragonborn.

skyrim vr level up

This is a game where I often loose track of time and accidentally spend hours role-playing as a Nord warrior. Therefore it’s no wonder it makes our Top PCVR games of all time list.


Skyrim VR offers endless hours of gameplay, with countless quests, battles, and exploration. The game is a sandbox, meaning that the player can choose to ignore the main quest-line and spend hours exploring the vast open-world environment. And with the addition of custom mods, you can add new storylines, weapons, characters, and other features that keep the game feeling fresh and new. Speaking of mods here’s our must-haves for the VR version.

skyrim talents

Top 5 Best Custom Mods for Skyrim VR


  • HIGGS is a Skyrim VR mod that adds realistic VR mechanics to the base game, such as two-handed weapons, picking up objects with your hands, using a ‘gravity gloves’ style mechanic, and looting armor off of bodies. 
  • You can two-hand items, not just two-handed weapons, and objects can be put into your inventory by putting them over your shoulder. 
  • Food/potions/books can be consumed by dropping them at the mouth. 
  • Objects can be grabbed out of the air using the gravity glove mechanic or grabbing a part of the body with one hand and pulling off the armor with the other.


  • VRIK is a project to enhance the immersive elements of Skyrim VR
  • It creates and animates a virtual body, which can hold items such as weapons or shields
  • Less of a need to access the menu which pause and interrupt gameplay. Instead you can access more things like potions with an input gesture system
  • Spells will be able to be cast directly with hand movements

Open Cities

  • Open Cities Skyrim is a project that seeks to restore the immersive, realistic feel of Morrowind, where cities are part of the game world, rather than having to load in-between. 
  • Players can now ride their horses into city centers, and guards will respond quickly when players need help or assistance. 
  • The project also makes dragon battles more interesting as they won’t be interrupted by loading screens; all of the city guards can participate at once.

Dragonborn Speaks Naturally

  • This mod introduces speech recognition to Skyrim, enabling players to vocally select dialogue lines.
  • Now you can immerse yourself even further in the game world and interact with NPCs in an innovative, user-friendly way.
  • This simple mod is personally my favorite of all time.

No Stagger Mod

  • This mod is designed with virtual reality in mind, making your character unstaggerable for a smoother experience.
  • Staggering in VR can be particularly annoying, confusing, and impacts melee playstyles negatively.

Step by Step Guide on How to Install Mods Skyrim VR using Nexus Mods

1. Download and install the Nexus Mod Manager (Vortex) from This is a free tool that will help manage all your modded content for Skyrim VR.

2. Log in with your Nexus account information and locate the “Skyrim VR” game on the games list.

skyrim manage

3. Go back to Nexus mods and chose the mods you want to download

4. Click “Download with Manager” button next to each mod to start downloading and installing them automatically through Vortex.

5. When Vortex finishes installing your mods, in the mod section there will be a button up the top called “deploy mods”. Hit this and let nexus take care the tricky part for you.

deploy mods jpg

6. Once all your mods are installed, launch Skyrim VR to start playing with your new mods and enjoy!


Skyrim VR Review: With the Top 5 Mods for 2024
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Skyrim VR is the ultimate gaming experience that every gamer should try, but only if they are willing to take the time to mod it. With its immersive gameplay, endless replayability, and top custom mods, you'll be hooked for hours on end. While it does come with a few cons, the overall experience is well worth the investment. So gather your mods, put on your headset, and let the adventure begin!

Price: $59.99

Operating System: PCVR

Editor's Rating:


  • Immersive gameplay that feels like you're actually in the game
  • Endless replayability, with a vast open-world environment filled with quests, battles, and exploration
  • Custom mods, allowing for new storylines, weapons, characters, and other features to keep the game feeling fresh and new


  • Mods are almost mandatory, which take time to set up and configure
  • The movement system can cause motion sickness in some players
  • Can be expensive, as it requires an expensive VR headset and a high-end gaming PC