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Should you get the Oculus Rift S?

Oculus Rift S, Should you get the oculus rift s

A lot of people want to know, should you get the Oculus Rift S or any other product like that? As you can imagine, it all comes down to a variety of factors. The specs and features in particular matter a lot. The design is roughly the same when compared to the Oculus Quest, the only difference is that you are attached to the PC at all times.


For the Oculus Rift S, you have a display resolution of 2560×1440 and a refresh rate of 80Hz. They added 5 sensors and you have the same PC requirements as CV1. That being said, you also have accessories like a 5-meter cable, DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3 support. The price for this unit is $399 and the interesting thing about it is that it also has a plethora of cool benefits with it.

The IPD adjustments made to this new version really stand out, with the product working very well and it’s super easy to adapt to the day to day requirements that you may have, which is always nice to say the least. That being said, the better the hardware you have, the better the experience will be as a whole.

Tracking and touch

Based on our experience the Oculus Rift S works quite nicely and you will like appreciate the fact that the new controllers are super easy to adapt to your own needs. They are using the Oculus Insight tracking system that will identify physical objects in space and you will have a much more accurate experience with this.

Game library

While there will be some new games created for the Oculus Rift S for sure, as it just launched, the title does work with all the current Rift CV1 games. So you have a ton of games to play with already, and it only gets better and better every time, which is what you really need.

Is it an improvement or not?

The Oculus Rift S doesn’t have a jump in the recommended PC specs. But it does provide much better accuracy and quality, which is exactly what you want. On top of that, the five insight sensors really improve the immersion and the touch controllers are even easier to use than before. They also increased the refresh rate when compared to last time, something that also helps a lot when it comes to boosting your gameplay and results as you play.

Overall, the Oculus Rift S is a great VR headset and the fact that they updated the old CV1 version is very helpful. Everything still works very well, it’s super easy to adapt and adjust and the immersion factor has improved quite a bit. There’s no manual IPD adjustment and the LCD display has a lower resolution, not to mention you need to be near a PC if you want to use this. But all of these minor downsides go away when you start using the Oculus Rift S and enjoy all its great features. It’s certainly a stellar investment and one that will pay off big time!


  • You can play current Oculus games
  • High refresh rate
  • Five insight sensors
  • Updated controllers
  • Same PC spec requirements


  • You need a PC all the time
  • Lower resolution display
  • No manual IPD adjustment

You can purchase the Oculus Rift S on Amazon.

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