PSVR vs PSVR 2: Should you upgrade?


After what seemed to be an eternity, CES 2022 saw Sony announce the specifications of the PSVR 2. While we don’t quite know the exact release dates or price. This give us some important insight as of what to expect when PSVR 2 does finally hit the shelves. It can also help us answer the question if buying the original PSVR during the upcoming price drop will be worth it, or if you are better off waiting for the superior PSVR 2.

Spec comparison PSVR vs PSVR 2

Refresh Rate90Hz 120Hz90Hz 120Hz
Field of Few100°110°
Optical AdjustmentsEye-reliefIPD
TrackingOutside-In (external Camera)Inside-Out (Cameras on headset)
Release date2016Late 2022(expected)
Console CompatibilityPS4, PS5PS5
ConnectersUSB, HDMI (breakout box)USB-C
Release date2016Late 2022 (unconfirmed)
InputsPS Move/Aim Controllers, DS4PSVR 2 Sense Controllers, Eye -tracking
Article and Spec sheet updated August 16th 2022


Four and half years is a long time in VR. Since the initial release of 2016, PSVR’s resolution is really starting to fall behind compared to newer headsets like the Oculus Quest 2. While it can still be fun for new users, extended gameplay on the PSVR have users often complaining about poor graphics and the screen door effect. The PSVR 2 looks extremely competitive here beating both the Oculus Quest 2 and the well loved Valve Index.

PSVR 2 will offer the same refresh rate as its predecessor – up to 120Hz with and a OLED panel. PSVR 2 has almost four times the pixel count which will give users a far sharper image and a much more immersive experience when playing their favorite VR games.

Field of view is with the PVSR 2 compared to the PSVR will be increasing from 100° to 110°.


Inside-out tracking has become the new normal for popular VR headsets and it is a welcome step away from the original PSVR clunky and poor tracking system which required the use of an external camera. Tracking was always one of PSVRs biggest issue many users reported the controllers drifting or shaking. PSVR 2 will utilize 4 cameras on the headset for controller tracking which should give users a much better experience.

PSVR 2 is making big moves with the release Eye tracking. This exclusive feature is not available on Meta’s headsets or even the Valve index. This would enable users to generate inputs by looking in different directions, potentially making an VR and even more immersive environment in PSVR 2 games. It will be exciting to see how game developers will make use of this.


Another point to PSVR 2. The original PS move controllers were a pain to use so we’re very excited to see Sony make upgrades in this area. PSVR 2 controllers will give users a better grip and be more accommodating to range of hand sizes. These controllers will have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. The Controllers will also have an analog stick. This will hopefully make moving a lot more smooth compared to the point and click movement from the vast majority of PSVR games.

Price and release date

This is the only area that PSVR will take the cake. There is no official announcement on the price or the release date of the PSVR 2. PSVR however, is available right now and has an upcoming price drop with the following package available.

Conclusion PSVR vs PSVR 2

For the vast majority of people we would highly recommend picking up one of the newer headsets like the standalone Oculus Quest 2 or waiting for the release of PSVR 2. That being said, if you’re itching to get into VR, aren’t a Meta Fan, don’t have a gaming PC and only have a PS4 it could be worth picking up a cheap PSVR on sale or second hand.

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