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Is the Oculus Rift worth buying in 2020?

Oculus Rift was considered to be one of the best VR platforms that you could purchase. It looks great, it’s very consistent and it has a stellar game library accrued over the years. But that being said, is the oculus rift still worth buying in 2020 or are there better options out there?

Design and Comfort

The Oculus Rift comes with Velcro straps and a comfortable padding for the faceplate. The unit is actually lighter when compared to the VIVE for example, which makes it a bit better when it comes to moving around and using it for a few hours. The sleek, fabric coated exterior leaves a small footprint and it’s very good to use. While the design still seems quite futuristic, it’s something that does stand out and it’s a pleasure to use. Of course there will be discomfort if you use this device for hours without stopping, but if you just play for an hour and then just take breaks, you will be fine.

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