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Is the Oculus Quest worth it?

Oculus Quest, Oculus Link

The Oculus Quest is a big deal for lovers of VR. Many are quite impressed at the exciting collection of Oculus Quest games currently available. But some still wonder, is the Oculus Quest worth it in 2022? That’s a question that many of us have had on our minds since the initial release of May 2019.

Oculus’s new hardware for VR enthusiasts and casual gamers alike, the Oculus Quest is particularly created for mobile audiences. But is this worth the price tag or not? We are here to review what the Oculus Quest has to offer and whether it’s a good purchase or not.

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HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Review: Is It Worth It?

Vive cosmos elite headset with bases tation and controllers

The predecessor to the HTC Vive Cosmos, the HTC Vive, was one of the pioneers of at-home VR. Along with the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive made at-home VR not just viable, but actually enjoyable. With 1.3 million units sold, the HTC Vive made its mark on the VR landscape and brought immersive VR experiences to people all over the world. In 2019 we got the Vive Cosmos, and now we have one step up, the Vive Cosmos Elite. But how does this VR rig compare to the standard version and other VR headsets on the market? Let’s take a look.

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Is the Vive Cosmos worth it?

Vive Cosmos

The Vive Cosmos has turned quite a few heads. To some, this new and improved version of the Vive is just what they were hoping for. Vive’s community seems to have inspired the design. Most of the quality of life adjustments for the Vive Cosmos were specifically requested by the current customer base. Will these improvements be worth the hefty price tag? Continue reading to find out if the Vive Cosmos is worth it in 2022. We also explore upgrading option from the previous Vive model.

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Is the Oculus Rift S worth it?

Oculus Rift S, Should you get the oculus rift s

A lot of people still want to know, should you get the Oculus Rift S or is it worth the upgrade from the original Rift (CV1)? As you can imagine, it all comes down to a variety of factors. The specs and features in particular matter a lot. The design is roughly the same when compared to the Oculus Quest, the only difference is that you are attached to the PC at all times. Join us as we review is the Oculus Rift S worth it.

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