Omnidesk Pro Review


Almost three years into the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for a lot of us. Spending too much time hunched over a laptop at the kitchen table is a recipe for neck and back strain. Whether it’s an extended gaming session or your nine to five, The Omnidesk Pro aims to address this with its adjustable height so you’re comfortable at all times and can keep grinding. This article will review the Omnidesk Pro 2020 after one year of use.

The Omnidesk Pro comes with three sizing options. The 48″, 60″ and 72″. All three have a width of 30 inches. They also offer self assembly or install on delivery for local purchases in Singapore. I personally opted 72″ and for self-assembly. They also sell a range of additional add-ons which include the headphone holder, the cable management bar, mouse pads, foot mats and the power management.


Delivery and Support:
Durability :


Was very smooth. They texted the dates confirmed to confirm availability. I ended up needing to change the date and they were flexible enough to allow this. They gave a 6 hour delivery window and then will let you know the specific time one day before delivery. There were two big packages; the table top and the legs. They also delivered all of the accessories at the same time. The delivery team were kind enough to carry this up one flight of stairs and place the boxes in my office for me. Some people report that these may be delivered independently of each other – which can be quite annoying to receive only half a desk. The desk and its packages are also very heavy.

Self Assembly of the Omnidesk Pro

Assembly was a little bit difficult without proper power tools. It took me about an hour and a half to fully assemble the Omnidesk Pro. The instructions were adequate with easy-to-follow pictures. If you purchase the addons like the cable management bar you will actually need to screw this into the Omnidesk table top, which can be quite hard to do with a manual screwdriver.

omnidesk pro assembly
Assembly of the Omnidesk Pro 2020


I’m very happy with the mat black design. It looks great, has a minimalistic feel to it and doesn’t show fingerprint marks. My desk always gets lots of compliments when showing it off to guests.


I would say the cost is on the pricey side even for standing desks. The small desk starts at about $750 but they have sales all the time so be sure to look out for a discount code. Some of the addons are an absolute ripe off. For example the “Mounted power bar” is basically just an expensive multiplug with two screws. You will also need to screw this into the desk yourself.

One year review of the Omnidesk Pro 2022

After using the Omnidesk for over a year now I would highly recommend picking up a desk like this. It feels extremely stable, looks great and has helped with my back pain. I use it every single day and will often change the height there is no sign of wear and tear yet. Just be sure to pick up one during a sale and be careful with some of the addons – especially the mounted power bar.