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Is the Oculus Rift worth buying?

oculus photo

Oculus Rift was considered to be one of the best VR platforms that you could purchase. It looks great, it’s very consistent and it has a stellar game library accrued over the years. But that being said, is the oculus rift still worth buying or are there better options out there?

Design and Comfort

The Oculus Rift comes with Velcro straps and a comfortable padding for the faceplate. The unit is actually lighter when compared to the VIVE for example, which makes it a bit better when it comes to moving around and using it for a few hours. The sleek, fabric coated exterior leaves a small footprint and it’s very good to use. While the design still seems quite futuristic, it’s something that does stand out and it’s a pleasure to use. Of course there will be discomfort if you use this device for hours without stopping, but if you just play for an hour and then just take breaks, you will be fine.


When you get the Oculus Rift you will notice that it has OLED displays and each one has a resolution of 1080×1200, with a total of 2160 x 1200. The refresh rate is 90 Hz, more than enough to prevent any motion sickness. But you do need to take some time off as you play, as you will end up with problems at times. You have a 110 degree field of view, so less than the PSVR. However, this is more detailed and the refresh rate makes it quite normal and interesting to try and perform even very fast actions without a problem.


A lot of people know the Oculus Rift from commercials and photos online. They might seem bulky at first, but when you use them they are pretty functional and you won’t have that much of a problem. The low latency means controls are accurate and quite fast, which is what you really need. Oculus Rift controllers have haptic feedback and internal tracking sensors which make this entire experience a breeze.


Oculus Rift has many games that other VR platforms have, but also some exclusives. The Climb, Transpose, Superhot VR and Lone Echo VR are some of the best titles. But there are many others, as you can imagine. There’s no shortage of simple or very complex VR games, based on your needs.
Overall, we believe that Oculus Rift is a solid purchase if you want to play VR games in 2019. It has a plethora of games, in fact most VR games come with Rift support unless they are exclusive to other platform. So you never have to worry about having to skip any games. And the comfort as well as overall value make it quite impressive.


  • Very high Resolution, good refresh rate
  • Comfortable
  • Large game library
  • Controls are accurate and very fast


  • Discontinued product
  • Better options out there like the Oculus Quest 2