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Is Nintendo Labo VR Worth it?

nintendo labo toycon goggles

Have you got a Nintendo Switch and are wondering what Nintendo Labo can offer you? Well, you’re in the right place. We’re going to take a deep look into Nintendo Labo VR, its place in the industry, pros and cons, and answer the question “Is Nintendo Labo VR Worth It?”. Let’s take a look.


Resolution and Performance:
Game Library:
Value for Money:


  • It’s cheap!
  • The only VR kit aimed at both kids and adults.
  • Fun for people who like building.
  • Easy to assemble and everything you need for assembly is included in the kit.
  • Innovative design with that signature Nintendo charm.


  • Durability – The kits are made from cardboard rather than plastic so durability may be an issue.
  • It’s not a “true VR” experience.

Nintendo’s VR History

Nintendo Labo VR kits are Nintendo’s first attempt at VR since they released Virtual Boy all the way back in 1995. Virtual Boy was a failure, both among critics and commercially. It was expensive, uncomfortable to play, lacked true color, and didn’t allow for movement tracking. Put simply, think of a barrier to VR and Virtual Boy had it!

Nintendo learned some important lessons from the failure of Virtual Boy. Fast forward to April 2018, and they released Labo VR. Nintendo’s Labo VR has been widely successful! This mainly comes down to Nintendo addressing the issues with their first go at VR. While Virtual Boy was expensive, Nintendo Labo is cheap. Virtual Boy had a monochrome screen whereas Labo utilizes the colorful palette that Nintendo is known for. Nintendo Labo also comes with highly immersive game experiences, something Virtual Boy lacked. Above all, Nintendo Labo is fun and has a unique Nintendo charm to it.

What Labo Means For VR

Nintendo Labo is also playing an important role in the VR industry as a whole. You may be wondering how that’s possible. After all, it’s just cardboard VR, right? How can Nintendo Labo compete with VR powerhouses like Oculus Quest, Valve Index, HTC Vive Cosmos, Samsung HDM Odyssey, or PlayStation VR? The true answer is – it isn’t! Nintendo Labo isn’t competing with these products, but it was never meant to. Instead, it offers a fresh and exciting way to explore Nintendo games in a way that’s perfect for the art style of those games. The hyper-realistic and cutting edge VR devices also come with a high price tag and are mostly geared towards adults that are huge tech enthusiasts.

This is where Nintendo Labo’s role in the industry really shines. With over one million Labo kits sold in 2018, it’s clear that Labo is reaching new markets. People who aren’t sold on VR enough to buy a flagship headset are buying Labo. This has huge implications for VR as a whole. The more people who adopt VR, the more VR games and headsets we’ll see in the future.

Which Nintendo Labo VR Kit Should You Buy?

There are several different kits available and what you pick will depend on what you want from your Labo experience.

Variety Kit

The Variety Kit comes with five different projects to explore. You get two Toy-Con RC Cars, a Toy-Con House, a Toy-Con Motorbike, a Toy-Con Fishing Rod, and a Toy-Con Piano.

You can also get a free software update so you can use your Toy-Con Motorbike with Mario Kart 8. This puts you right in the driver’s seat by letting you control your in-game vehicles!

Robot Kit

Play games as a Robot! The Robot Kit comes with everything you need to make your own Toy-Con Robot suit. The cardboard robot suit takes around 4 hours to assemble – practically making it an entire game before you even get to the Switch gameplay. The suit consists of a backpack, headset, and string assisted controls for your hands and feet. You can then walk with your feet and punch objects with your hands. The kit is One Size Fits All since the straps are adjustable

Vehicle Kit

Ever wanted to play your Switch like you’re in a car, submarine, or plane? If so, then the Vehicle Kit is the one for you. You can build a gas pedal, submarine gearbox, car, steering wheel, spray can, or an airplane joystick. It takes around 5 to 10 hours to assemble the five included kits, but that’s half the fun.

The Vehicle Kit has been touted as the best kit by some critics and users because of the gameplay it unlocks. You can navigate through an open world which includes 10 distinct zones. There are also a bunch of small challenges to complete to keep you entertained long after you’ve finished building!

VR Kit

This is the starter or introductory set for Nintendo Labo. If you’re not sure that you’ll enjoy the more involved building and gameplay of the other kits and want to test the waters first, then this is the ideal kit. The VR Kit comes with everything you need to build a VR headset and a Toy-Con Blaster.

Is Nintendo Labo Worth It?

The simple answer is yes, it’s absolutely worth it for people who want more from their Nintendo Switch and who enjoy building. Is Nintendo Labo revolutionary when it comes to VR? No, it’s not. But that isn’t important. If you’re a fan of Nintendo Switch, then you’re probably a fan of Nintendo’s art style, their cartoonish games, and the next level immersion they can create with limited technology. After all, most flagship phones on the market today are more powerful than the Switch in terms of specs. People aren’t buying the Switch because they want a speed demon that pushes the limits of modern hardware. Sure, the Switch could be more powerful, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s perfect for the games available on the device. Nintendo has always been highly competitive when it comes to beautiful and immersive game experiences, and Nintendo Labo is no different.