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Mutrix Review: Pico’s Answer to their lack of Beat Saber


If you’re a virtual reality fan, you must have heard of the popular game, Beat Saber. As fun as it is, Pico 4 owners aren’t able to get access to it. That’s where Mutrix comes in – a Beatsaber clone that can be played for free on your Pico 4, with the option to add custom songs. But is it worth your time? Here’s my take on the game.


Fitness Intensity:
Audience Score:

About Mutrix

Rating on Pico store4.1/5
Release DateMarch 2023
GenreMusic, Rhythm, Fitness
Time to beat main storyNA


Though heavily inspired by Beat Saber, there are some noticeable differences in Mutrix. For one they have opted for a free-to-play gaming model. However, to buy songs you must unlock them with gems and they also have a subscription model to get access to unlimited songs for 30 days.

The graphics may be a bit on the shaky side, but the motion tracking is smooth. The gameplay also feels a bit off; the blocks may be mapped similarly, but they are not very challenging, even on the expert level. This is something the developers have been working on and have made noticeable improvements in the past few months. Despite these downsides, the gameplay is still fun and engaging, especially when you add in custom songs.

Fitness Intensity

Virtual reality rhythm games can be an excellent tool for exercising. Like the Beatsaber, Mutrix is an excellent workout game with high-intensity gameplay that will keep your heart rate up, making it a great option for fitness enthusiasts. You may not feel much burn in your muscles compared to its inspiration with the base songs but once you start using custom songs you can get your sweat on.


Audience Score

According to reviews on the Pico Store, the audience has given Mutrix a 4.1-star rating with 228 votes. This score indicates that most players enjoyed the game but had their issues. As expected, many of them had commented on the graphics. However, the game has excellent immersion and scratches the itch for those Pico users that were missing a saber game. Some users even suggested that they prefer this over Beat Saber!


In terms of immersion, Mutrix is interesting. Its gameplay is engaging enough when you’re in the zone. The visuals could be better, but they don’t distract you from enjoying the game. The base songs fall into that generic cheap rhythm game category. However the best way to increase immersion in any VR rhythm game is with custom song mods. Thankfully Mutrix delivers well in this category.



Mutrix has good replayability, especially when you add custom songs. This increases the game’s entertainment factor and puts a spin on your experience. However, the game’s replay value may depend on how well the custom songs are arranged or how much they attract you. If you are creative enough, then you can even build your own custom songs and share them with others.

If you can’t be bothered with custom songs then you might find yourself either getting bored of the songs they have on offer or spending money on unlocking theirs from the shop.

How to Get Custom Songs on Mutrix

Adding custom songs isn’t hard, but it’s not as easy as a simple as Beat Saber with their mod managers.

1) First, download custom songs using from

2)Then unzip the file on your computer.

3) Connect your Pico 4 to your PC via USB cable

4) Finally, copy the songs into the root directory of your headset’s internal storage.

We recommend batching 10 or so songs at once. When you’ve built up a decent playlist, it will be well worth it.



Is Mutrix Worth It?
mutrix review

In conclusion, Mutrix may not be perfect, but it’s still worth playing. It may be a clone of Beat Baber, but it’s a free alternative that also allows you to add custom songs. The game’s motion tracking is smooth, the immersion is decent, and the fitness intensity makes it a fun workout game. Adding custom songs to the mix amps up the entertainment factor, giving you more reasons to try it out. The bad graphics, and odd freemium model might not be ideal, but the game still manages to be an excellent substitute for the real thing.

Price: Free

Operating System: Pico 4

Editor's Rating:


  • Free to Play
  • Custom Songs via
  • Great workout


  • Graphics not as strong
  • Confusing freemium model