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Is LES MILLS XR DANCE worth it if you can’t Dance? XR Dance Review


If you love dancing, or like me, have two left feet, you might wondering about new fitness game – Les Mills XR Dance. This game turns your living room into a virtual dance class, where you can follow the moves of the 5 Kiwi dance coaches and groove to the music. But is XR Dance worth it if you can’t dance? In this review, I will share my experience with the game and give you my honest opinion.


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Les Mills XR Dance Stats

Release DateDec 15, 2023
Rating on the Oculus store4.4/5
GenreHealth & Fitness
DeveloperOdders Lab
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XR Dance is very easy to set up and play. You just need a quest 2 or quest 3 headset, and enough space to move around. The game will guide you through a tutorial and calibration, and then you can choose from four different genres: Pop, Club, Vibe and Jam. Each genre has several songs and routines, ranging from easy to hard and from a few minutes to much longer. You can also customize your avatar and the environment.

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The gameplay is simple: you have to mimic the moves of the dance coach on the screen, and the game will track your accuracy and timing. You will also see your score, calories burned and progress on the song. The coaches will also give you tips and encouragement along the way.

The game is very responsive and intuitive, and the tracking accurate, maybe even a bit generous as it I seems to score high even when clearly missing the beat. The dance moves are well-designed and fun to do, and they match the rhythm and style of the music.

Fitness Intensity of XR Dance

The game is not only fun, but also a great workout. The routines are designed by Les Mills, a leading fitness company that have specialized dance-based programs for 2d and real life. The game will make you sweat, burn calories and improve your cardio, coordination and flexibility.

les mills xr dance fitness intensity

In my own test I played for 21 minutes and recorded my stats. I burnt 177 calories averaging about 8.2 calories per minute. This is less than Les mills Bodycombat, but still a great workout.

The game is suitable for newcomers and experienced dancers alike, as you can adjust the difficulty level to your preference. The game will also help you learn and master dancing in a fun and engaging way. You don’t have to worry about being perfect or following every move exactly. The game is very forgiving and supportive, and it rewards you for trying your best.

What I like most about XR Dance is that there is a lot of hip and chest opening which great for mobility and flexibility training.

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Audience Score

The game has received positive reviews from users who have tried it. As of the time of writing it have 4.4/5 on quest store with nearly 80 reviews. Users like it’s fun factor, music selection, the trainers and fitness benefits. They also appreciate the game for being accessible and inclusive, as anyone can enjoy it regardless of their skill level or background. Some users have reported bug issues but they seem to have been ironed out by now, other users complain about the Les Mills coaches being too “cringe”.


The graphics of the game are crisp and colorful, and the environments are well-designed. The music is high-quality and catchy, and the gamification of getting a streak feels rewarding. The presenters are welcoming and motivating, but if the kiwi accent offends you, it might be a downside.

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The game has a pretty good replay value, as it offers a decent amount of content and options to keep you entertained. You can always try new songs and genres. Although anything about level 2 seems way out of reach for beginners. Because this is a dedicated fitness rather than a rhythm game, there aren’t custom songs and mods that you’d find with something like Audio Trip or Beat Saber.

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Is Les Mills XR Dance worth it?

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If you’re just looking for another VR fitness app for cardio, it’s probably not worth the $30 price tag. You could get much more value faster out of some of the great titles like BodyCombat, Thrill of the Fight, or any other rhythm game. However, if you’re looking to learn something new or increase your mobility and flexibility, then it deserves a spot in your library. I’ll be playing it once or twice a week for the foreseeable future. If you can dance, then I’m sure it’s even better.

Price: 29.99

Operating System: Quest

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  • suitable for all levels
  • mobility and flexibility training
  • music


  • tracking too forgiving
  • no custom songs/mods