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Les Mills Bodycombat Review: Best VR Workout

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Les Mills Bodycombat is a virtual reality fitness game/app that offers a fun and intense workout experience. Developed by Odders and in collaboration with Les Mills, this game combines combat techniques with rhythm-based gameplay to provide an immersive and challenging workout. Les Mills Bodycombat is designed to be played using the Oculus Quest 2, PS VR 2 or the Pico 4, and it promises to be an exciting and replayable workout experience.


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About Les Mills Body Combat

Release DateFebruary 2, 2022
Rating on the Oculus store with # of reviews4.7/5 (2,476)
Rating on the Pico Store with # of reviews4.3 (99)
GenreHealth & Fitness
Time to beat main storyNA
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The gameplay of Les Mills Bodycombat is straightforward and easy to pick up. When you start the game, you’ll have to create your profile and go through a brief tutorial to learn how to punch and avoid incoming targets. The game features two personal trainers, Dan Cohen and Rachel Newsham, who will introduce your chosen workout, give tips, and motivate you throughout the session. Maybe I’m slightly biased, but I always love a Kiwi cheering me on.

The game mechanics include different punches, battle ropes, dodging, and squatting. It also features knee strikes, which are not seen in other VR fitness games and work surprising well given that your knee is not actually being tracked at all.

How Many Calories can you Burn with Les Mills Body Combat VR?

I picked a 20 minute workout from the advanced category called “Full Body Hype” and recorded my workout using a Garmin forerunner.

Heart rate during Les Mills Body Combat
  • In 20:52 minutes I burnt 245 calories
  • Approximately 11.74 calories per minute
  • Average Heart rate 144
  • Max Heart rate 173

To date, this is the hardest and most I have sweated in a VR workout.

Video Review of Les Mills Body Combat

Fitness Intensity

Les Mills Bodycombat is an intense workout experience, and it will make you sweat all over your headset. The game includes 47 workouts across three different difficulties – beginner, intermediate and advance. Track lengths range from 5 to 24 minutes. This provides plenty of variety to challenge players of all fitness levels. The longer sessions are broken into 4 to 5 songs and you generally get a few seconds after each track to catch your breath and see your performance score.

Its is significantly more intense than Beat Saber.

Fitness Tracker and Scoring

  • Les Mills Body combat comes with its own fitness tracker where it estimates the amount of calories you’ve burnt after each workout
  • You earn earn points when successfully punching the rings building up your combo score, similar to boxvr and Super Natural. This give your session score
  • You session score is displayed against 6 other participants for some friendly competition
  • You can set weekly workout goals which is tracked over time
tracking points les mills bodycombat
Scoring system in Les Mills Body Combat

Is there a Subscription for Les Mills Bodycombat VR?

Les Mills Bodycombat is a one-time purchase, and it does not use a subscription service. This means that you pay once, and you have access to all the content available in the game.

This is a welcome addition and to the VR fitness industry and is one of the most annoying features with the likes of Halofit or Supernatural VR.

Tips for working out with Les Mills Bodycombat

  • Make sure to warm up properly before starting the workout to avoid injury
  • Be mindful of your form during the workout and listen to the instructions from the trainers to maximize the effectiveness of the exercises
  • If you are new to Les Mills Bodycombat (VR) or to high-intensity workouts in general, start with the easier routines and gradually work your way up to the more intense workouts
  • With the knee smashes bring your controllers down quite close to your knee, otherwise it might not register


Is Les Mills Body Combat worth it?
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Overall, Les mills is fantastic VR workout game to add to your library. It rivals the best subscription based games like Supernatural and FitXR but you only have to pay once. The two coaches motivating, funny and get you through the workout.

Price: $29.99

Operating System: Pico 4, Quest, PSVR2

Editor's Rating:


  • One of the best VR workouts
  • No subscription
  • Satisfying gameplay


  • Missing some features (warm up/cool down stretching)
  • No SteamVR version for PCVR users