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Kayak VR: Mirage Review: Paddling Through Pixels

kayak vr mirage review

Kayak VR: Mirage stands as a landmark in virtual reality gaming, merging breathtaking graphics with realistic kayaking experiences. Whether exploring serene locations like Norway in free play mode or engaging in the more challenging races, this game offers a unique blend of relaxation and intensity. As someone that wouldn’t quite call themselves kayaking enthusiast, I found the immersive quality unparalleled, but the replayability to be somewhat lacking.

Let’s find out if Kayak VR mirage is worth it.


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Release Date12 Jul, 2022
DeveloperBetter Than Life
% of upvotes on Steam85%
GenreAdventure, Casual, Simulation, Sports
ReplayabilityLow-High (explained)

Gameplay Overview of Kayak VR: Mirage

Kayak Mirage offers a groundbreaking experience in virtual reality gaming, blending high-fidelity graphics with realistic kayaking. The game’s strength lies in its physically accurate kayaking mechanics, providing an immersive and authentic paddling experience. Players can choose between the competitive thrill of racing through checkpoints or the calm exploration of free roam mode, each offering a unique perspective of the beautifully crafted environments.

a guy paddling through kayak mirage canyon

The game’s environments are diverse, featuring various weather conditions and times of day, enhancing both visual appeal and gameplay experience. For those seeking a more relaxed approach, the controller-free tour mode allows for an autonomous kayak journey, perfect for enjoying the virtual scenery without physical exertion. On the other end, the time attack mode offers a vigorous workout, appealing to players seeking physical engagement.

Customization options in Kayak Mirage add a personal touch, allowing players to tailor their kayaks, paddles, and headwear. The game’s optimization across different PC setups ensures a smooth experience for a wide range of players, and its comfort settings make it accessible even to those new to VR. This balance of realism, beauty, and player-friendly design makes Kayak Mirage a standout in VR gaming.

Best Kayak Handles – 3 in 1 Sticks

An essential aspect of the immersive experience in Kayak Mirage is the physicality of the controls, and the right equipment can significantly enhance this. This is where the Zyber 3 in 1 Sticks come into play, especially designed for Quest 2 and Quest 3 users. These innovative sticks transform your VR controllers into a more realistic kayak paddle, elevating the authenticity of the kayaking experience.

The Zyber 3 in 1 Sticks are designed with both functionality and comfort in mind. They attach easily to your VR controllers, providing a sturdy and comfortable grip that mimics the feel of a real kayak paddle. This feature is particularly beneficial in Kayak Mirage, where precise paddling movements contribute to the game’s realistic mechanics and physical intensity.


Moreover, the versatility of the Zyber sticks adds value beyond just kayaking games. They are designed as 3 in 1, meaning they can be adapted for other VR experiences that require different forms of physical interaction, such as Walkabout Mini Golf, Racket Club, or Beat Saber. This adaptability makes them a worthwhile investment for any VR enthusiast looking to enhance their overall gaming experience.

For those interested in taking their Kayak Mirage experience to the next level, the Zyber 3 in 1 Sticks are available for purchase from the Zyber store for both the Quest 3 and Quest 2.

Fitness Intensity of Kayak VR: Mirage

Kayak Mirage stands out not just for its immersive virtual experience, but also for the physical workout it offers, particularly targeting the upper body. The game’s accurate simulation of kayaking challenges players with realistic paddling motions, mirroring the physical demands of the sport. This aspect of the game transforms it into an unexpected fitness routine, engaging arms, shoulders, and core muscles.

Especially evident in racing and time attack modes, the intensity of the physical challenge is notable. These high-energy segments require vigorous paddling, simulating the exertion of competitive kayaking. Players often find themselves breaking a sweat after just a couple of races, highlighting the game’s effectiveness as a workout tool. This intensity is a key factor in the game’s appeal, offering a unique combination of entertainment and physical activity.

kayak mirage race

Furthermore, the physical engagement in Kayak Mirage makes it an excellent addition to a VR-based fitness regimen. It provides a novel way to exercise, where the immersive environment and gameplay distract from the physical effort, making the workout enjoyable and less monotonous. This blend of fitness and entertainment sets the game apart in the VR landscape, appealing to those looking for an active and engaging gaming experience.

Audience Score

The reception of Kayak VR: Mirage among VR enthusiasts and gaming communities has been noteworthy. Audience scores and user reviews provide valuable insights into how the game is perceived by a broader audience, beyond personal experience.

Players have consistently praised Kayak VR: Mirage for its stunning visuals and immersive environments. The attention to detail in the game’s graphics, from the rippling waters to the dynamic weather systems, has been a highlight for many. This visual fidelity plays a significant role in the game’s popularity, drawing players into its virtual world.

However, opinions are more divided when it comes to the gameplay aspects. While some players relish the physical challenge and the realistic kayaking mechanics, others find the races and time trials somewhat repetitive over time. This split in opinion underscores the game’s appeal to a specific niche — those who appreciate the sport of kayaking or are looking for a VR experience that doubles as a physical workout.

Immersion in Kayak VR: Mirage

One of the most striking features is its immersive quality, a facet that sets it apart in the realm of virtual reality gaming. Immersion in VR is about creating a convincing, engaging, and interactive environment that makes the player feel as if they are truly part of the game world. Kayak Mirage achieves this with remarkable proficiency.

The immersion is primarily driven by the game’s stunning visual fidelity. The realistic water physics, dynamic weather conditions, and detailed natural environments work together to create a virtual world that is both believable and captivating. Players often report feeling a genuine sense of presence within the game, as if they are truly paddling through serene waters or navigating challenging race courses.

Additionally, the game’s sound design plays a crucial role in enhancing the immersive experience. The sound of water lapping against the kayak, the calls of wildlife, and the ambient environmental noises contribute to a rich, multi-sensory experience. This auditory layer deepens the sense of realism and presence within the game.

Replayability of Kayak VR: Mirage

Replayability is a crucial aspect of any game, determining its longevity and enduring appeal. Initially, the game captivates players with its stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, offering a novel experience in the realm of VR kayaking. However, the game’s lasting appeal can vary depending on the player’s interest in kayaking and their appetite for repetition in gameplay.

The initial draw of Kayak VR: Mirage is undeniable. The variety of environments, weather conditions, and times of day provide ample opportunity for exploration and enjoyment. The races and time trials add a competitive element that can be thrilling for players seeking a challenge. These elements, combined with the physical workout aspect, offer a rich and varied initial experience.

kayaking in kayak mirage vr

However, as players become accustomed to the game’s environments and mechanics, some may find the replay value diminishing. The core experience of Kayak VR: Mirage is, at its heart, a kayaking simulation. For enthusiasts of the sport or those who relish the physical aspect of the gameplay, this can provide ongoing enjoyment and challenge. Yet, for players seeking a broader range of experiences or more varied gameplay elements, the game might lose some of its initial allure over time.

The key to the replayability of Kayak VR: Mirage lies in the player’s personal interests and gaming preferences. Those with a passion for kayaking or a desire for a fitness-oriented VR game may find themselves returning to it frequently. Others might view it as a beautiful but transient experience in their VR gaming journey.

Is Kayak Mirage worth it?

kayak vr mirage review

In evaluating Kayak VR: Mirage, it's clear that the game's strengths lie in its stunning visuals, immersive experience, and the unique physical workout it offers. This VR kayaking simulation is a remarkable showcase of VR capabilities, perfect for enthusiasts of the sport and those seeking a fitness challenge within a virtual environment. However, the game's niche appeal means its long-term value might be limited for players seeking a variety of gameplay experiences. While it's an excellent choice for kayaking fans and VR fitness enthusiasts, others might find its replayability less compelling over time.

Price: $22.99

Operating System: PC VR, PS VR 2

Editor's Rating:


  • Immersive and stunning graphics
  • Free play
  • Physical workout


  • Low replayability for non kayakers
  • Need a high end PC