How to ruin your life with VR

how to ruin your life in vr

Here is a step by step guide on how to ruin your life using VR. 

This article serves as a guide to understanding and avoiding the potential pitfalls of excessive VR usage. While VR offers many benefits, it’s crucial to recognize how overuse can impact our mental health, social connections, and physical well-being. From the virtual allure of escapism in digital realms to the neglect of real-world responsibilities and self-care, we’ll explore key areas where VR’s impact needs careful consideration.

The aim is not to demonize VR but to highlight the importance of balance and mindfulness in its use. By being aware of the risks and making informed choices, we can enjoy the benefits of VR without losing sight of what matters most in the tangible world around us.

Step 1. Neglecting IRL Self-Care

Don’t worry about your personal hygiene or eating choices. Get straight into VR where your digital avatar is more important.

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As VR becomes a more integral part of our daily routines, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamental aspects of self-care. The immersion VR provides can be so engaging that basic needs—such as healthy eating, personal hygiene, and physical activity—begin to take a backseat to virtual experiences.

The Consequences of Neglect

Neglecting self-care while engaging in VR can have several negative consequences. Poor eating habits and lack of physical activity can lead to health issues, while neglecting personal hygiene can affect both self-esteem and social interactions in the real world. The convenience of staying in the virtual realm often overshadows the necessity of caring for one’s physical and mental health.

The Impact on Mental Health

Moreover, excessive technology use without attention to self-care can exacerbate feelings of isolation and depression. The escapism that VR offers becomes a double-edged sword when it detracts from real-life relationships and self-improvement. Mental health can deteriorate when virtual worlds replace the fulfillment derived from accomplishing real-world tasks and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

Strategies for Incorporating Self-Care

To counteract these effects, it’s essential to develop strategies for integrating self-care into daily routines, even for avid VR users. Setting reminders for meals, hygiene routines, and physical exercises can help maintain a balance. Allocating specific times for VR that don’t interfere with self-care activities ensures that virtual engagement remains a healthy part of life.

Step 2. The Dark side of Social apps like VR Chat

Spend excessive amounts of time in social apps like VR chat.

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The Digital Gathering Place

Virtual reality chat rooms have become the new frontier for social interaction, providing a space where people from all corners of the globe can meet, share experiences, and form connections without the limitations of physical distance. These platforms offer a unique blend of socialization and entertainment, making it easy to spend hours exploring virtual worlds, attending events, or simply chatting with friends.

The Disconnection Dilemma

However, the allure of these extended VR chat sessions lies not just in their novelty, but in their ability to absorb users so completely that the passage of time becomes a secondary concern. This immersive quality, while one of VR’s greatest strengths, also poses a significant risk: the blurring of lines between virtual and real-world priorities. We’ve seen people rack up thousands upon thousands of hours of in game time.

More than just time

But it’s not just the time sink, you don’t have to stray very far into the Steam review section or forums like Reddit to see stories of people that completely lost way. Getting pulled into drama, racism, surrounded by predatory people and one users if claiming that this game single handedly ruined their life.

Striking a Healthy Balance

To mitigate the potential negative impacts of extended VR chat sessions, users must strive to maintain a balance between their virtual and real-life interactions. Setting time limits for their VR chat room uses, scheduling regular breaks, and ensuring that time is also allocated for offline relationships and activities are essential steps in preserving a healthy social life.

Step 3: The Virtual Fantasy, VR Pornography

Why look for a real relationship, where you can experience everything you could ever want in VR.

VR pornography offers an immersive and intimate escape that traditional media cannot match, drawing users into a world where fantasies and fetishes feel almost tangible. While it presents a technological marvel, the darker side of this escapism reveals significant psychological and social risks.

Psychological Implications

Dr Andrew Huberman and Jordan Peterson have talked at lengths on the dangers of pornography abuse. The immersive nature of VR porn can blur the lines between fantasy and reality, potentially warping perceptions of intimacy and sexual expectations. Users may find traditional relationships and real-life interactions lack the intensity and gratification provided by virtual experiences, leading to dissatisfaction and disconnection from genuine human connections. This can lead to real world problems like Erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the intense immersion can accelerate the path to addictive behaviors, as the brain’s dopamine reward systems are continuously triggered by hyper-realistic stimuli.

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Finding Balance

Recognizing the potential for addiction and the impact on real-life relationships is crucial. Users must critically assess their consumption habits and set boundaries to prevent VR from overshadowing real-world experiences and connections. There has been an online movement of young males recovering from their pornography and masturbation addiction using called “nofap”. Where they completely abstain from this behavior and count/celebrate success day each day.

Step 4. Be an A**hole online.

Because you’re starting feel so unhappy with yourself, it’s now important that you take this out on others in your online games.

VR online game came be an incredible way to meet new people and provide a healthy way to engage with your competitive spirit.

hyperdash, playing vr online

The VR Keyboard Warrior

A keyboard warrior is nothing new, since the dawn of the internet, being anonymous online creates this sort of safety net and often people are complete a**holes online. This includes blaming others, verbal abuse, racism, hate speech and excessive trolling.

Unfortunately, this is the case in the VR as well. It seems to present itself worst in the free to play games like Gorilla Tag, VR Chat and Population: One, where there a high number of “Quest Kids” which are essentially just young impressionable kids trying to show off to their friends. It’s not just kids, it’s adults as well.

Don’t partake

My advice for this is just don’t. If you feel the need put others down. It’s time for a break. Racism and hate speech have no place in any reality, including the virtual ones.

Step 5. Completely Withdraw from Society and Real Life

You’re now ready to withdraw from the real world entirely.

The Invisible Wall

VR has the power to transport us to any world we can imagine, offering solace and excitement far from the complexities of real life. However, this digital refuge can also become a barrier, subtly encouraging withdrawal from society and fostering an environment where loneliness flourishes.

Social Withdrawal

As individuals spend increasing amounts of time in virtual spaces, the incentive to engage in real-world interactions diminishes. The ease of accessing vibrant, engaging communities with a headset can make the effort required to maintain real-life relationships seem daunting by comparison. This shift can lead to a gradual retreat from social activities, hobbies, and even daily responsibilities, as the virtual world becomes a preferred sanctuary.

The Loneliness Paradox

Ironically, while VR aims to connect us across distances, excessive use can isolate users in their own digital bubble. The immersive nature of VR can mask the creeping sense of loneliness that comes from a lack of meaningful, face-to-face interactions. Over time, this isolation can impact mental health, leading to feelings of depression and anxiety.

Maintaining Balance

Recognizing the signs of social withdrawal is the first step toward addressing it. Balancing virtual interactions with real-world connections is crucial. Setting limits on VR usage, scheduling regular social activities, and prioritizing time with loved ones can help maintain a healthy equilibrium between digital and physical worlds.

Step 6. Let companies control your attention

Now that you’re spending all your time in VR, how about not having any control over what you actually do.

The War On Your Attention

Have you ever opened up Instagram or TikTok your phone, and then all of a sudden you look at the time and 2 hours have gone down the drain, that’s not by accident, social media and tech giants have absolutely mastered the art of controlling your attention to keep you on the platform as as long as possible. With the idea here that your are the product and they can serve you ads for longer.

Well, these are the same companies that are heavily investing in VR and does make me slightly worried of the future we’re heading too.

Imagine in 2, 5 maybe 10 years time, where AR glasses are as powerful as the current headsets and have replaced our phones, you might get that boredom scratch. 

Boom you power on your headset, but every ad you pause on, every post you hesitate with, well the apple vision pro has multiple cameras watching your eyes, that could be used to collect this biometric data. This could provide an incredibly tailored experience, or be used a tool to keep you locked into the virtual world as long as possible, so you could be shown more ads, recommended more products.

Set your VR device up for success

It’s important that if we do get to this stage, you set up your technology in the right way. Maybe you want to turn off social media notifications. Only install apps that help with VR fitness, learning, and of course, some fantastic games that really bring you value.

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