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FitXR VS Les Mills Bodycombat (and other VR fitness games)


Are subscription based VR Fitness Apps like supernatural and Fit XR worth it or are you better off spending that money on 3-4 solids games that you can keep for life? Lets find out. 

Video comparison of FitXR vs other VR fitness games

FitXR Gameplay

FitXR is one of the leaders in the VR fitness industry and recently the price has increased, now costing $12 per month to have full access. 

This subscription gives you access to 6 different game modes or studios including Boxing, Combat, Dance, Sculpt, HIIT and now, Zumba.

They have a range of difficulties, length, music and trainers so you’re sure to find something that suits your playstyle. 

On top of that, it includes a Companion tracking app, leaderboards  and new weekly content.

But for 100 dollars you could easily pick a some great titles VR fitness titles. And the ones I would recommend in what we will call the VR fitness pack are 

  • Les Mills bodycombat for $30 which is the most similar to to Fit XR especially in the combat and boxing classes
  • Thrill of the fight for $10 to absolutely get you to that redzone in a cardio workout like no other
  • Pistol whip for $30 to destroy leg day and forget how to walk
  • And then just for a rhythm game that appeals to you the most this will be different for everyone but there will be one that you just vibe with more that gets you bouncing

So lets rank FitXR vs this Fitness pack and see who comes out on top.

FitXR’s pricing model

The idea of a monthly subscription is pretty commonly accepted in the fitness industry. If you want access to a gym or fitness studio, people are pretty open to committing to a monthly or even annual sub. In gaming, we tolerated it with the older MMO’s but generally have started to see this phase out only to begin to become popular again with Cloud gaming subscriptions 

I get that its a good business model to have guaranteed revenue coming in from your customers every month but from a consumer perspective, It’s just annoying and it seems like everyone wants a piece of my credit card these days.


And it’s not just me – I’ve seen many others complain about this too.

While they do have a free to play mode, where the vast majority of features and content is stripped backed.

One point to the fitness pack.

FitXR: 0Fitness Pack: 1

Does FitXR have the best trainers?

One of the best benefits of having a subscription to VR fitness games like Fit XR is that they are led by qualified trainers. Unlike the vast majority of VR games encroaching on the fitness space, their instructors are highly experienced and have knowledge about a variety of exercises, which allows them to give somewhat authentic advice and tailor each session to the fitness level you’ve chosen.  

fitxr content and trainers

Also because they have so many trainers you can really get a feel for which one you prefer the most. And I think in this regard they were the clear winner.

At least This was the case until Les mills body combat came along, with two kiwi trainers that I personally love working out with – they literally make my laugh out loud but I can see if you didn’t like them then you’re kind of just stuck with them.  

So for this, Ill give a point to FitXR.

FitXR: 1Fitness Pack: 1

How often does FitXR release new content?

In addition to qualified trainers they also claim to have a steady stream of new content. Which is released weekly. And this is good, the release intervals of Les Mills body combat is far less frequent and playing the same tracks over and over can get stale after a while. 

But the VR Rhythm games like Ragnarock and Beatsaber have a slightly different strategy for this. not only do they release official music packs for a price but they also leverage on user generated content through user generated custom songs or mods – if the community is big enough, this essentially gives you an unlimited amount of new content for free

One point to the Fitness pack.

FitXR: 1Fitness Pack: 2

Is FitXR the best for Fitness Intensity?

This is one where FitXR really shines. Especially in the classes like Hiit and scalp where you might just be straight up doing lunges for 1 minute – not exactly the most fun but my god it works and burns. 

But on the other hand nothing gets me sweating quite as hard as thrill of the fight and pistol whip gives static lunges a run through their money in terms of leg training. Overall it probably about a tie here. I think this is sort of the main problem – FitXR really needs to be the clear winner here and offer something different – They now have AR support for Zumba workouts and are experimenting with more resistance training methods through weight training in XR to stand out and make a difference.

One point each.

FitXR: 2Fitness Pack: 3

Is FitXR Fun? Time perception/ Immersion

One of the things I noticed when I was working out especially in the hit classes of fitXR was I could really feel the time starting to drag and often found myself looking over at the countdown timer.

You compare this to rocking out to your favorite rhythm songs on Ragnarock, its night and day. Time at least for me just seems to melt away and before you know it, you’ve spent and full hour sending it and are covered in sweat. 

is fitxr fun

Fitness packs get another point.

FitXR: 2Fitness Pack: 4

Companion app and community 

I personally didn’t use this or test the app and honestly probably never would. But if this is important to you then you could probably give a point to FitXR. 

One thing that I did think was pretty cool was that you could see the people in the class working out around you as motivation this is better than just looking at a leaderboard but then again in Ragnarok you literally race someone in a war boat which is probably cooler.

One more point each.

FitXR: 3Fitness Pack: 5

Is FitXR worth it?

Overall for me, and I’m speaking as someone who has spent  thousands of hours in VR , with a stacked game library.   I don’t think that the subscription to FitXR is worth it. I love having the ability to jump between games and one day I feel like focusing for a more traditional sort of VR workout I can dive into Les mills but for days were I feel like rocking out, picking up something Ragnarock just seems to work better for me.

However, my partner, who is more of a casual user of VR – maybe a couple of times a month at most tried fitXR. She used it 3 days in a row and said that it was by far her favourite VR experience yet, and that if she had her own headset she would happily pay for the subscription.

This kinds of surprised but it totally makes sense and I can see FitXR being a fantastic tool for someone that’s not a gamer, can’t be bothered with mods, has a busy lifestyle and just wants a polished way to put on a headset and clock a quick workout. 

And I think they could win someone like me back if they found a good way to incorporate AR and specifically a fun way to get resistance training into it – because that’s something that’s really missing from my VR workouts.