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F1 23 VR Review: Immersive but Blurry


F1 2023 strikes back with its PCVR support. Developed by Code Masters, this game promises to provide an unmatched racing experience to its players. With advanced gameplay modes, a high audience score on Steam, and improving many of the issues that were present in the 2022 version, the game has appealed to many sim racers around the world. In this post, we will take a detailed look at the VR version of F1 2023, how it stacks up against F1 2022, the non-VR version and evaluate its features to help you determine if this game is worth buying.


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F1 23 VR Gameplay

One of the most exciting features of F1 2023 in VR is the new gameplay modes. The very popular Breaking point makes a return.

f1 23 gamepllay options

Breaking Point is a story mode that follows the drama and challenges of F1 drivers as they compete in the World Championship. You follow the young super star Aiden Jackson vs rival Devon Butler. Experience their unique stories and interactions.

F1 World where you can find all the usual stuff and expands on F1 Life from the 2022 version

  • Connects all the game modes in F1 23, including ranked, esports, offline and online modes.
  • Podium Pass, which lets you earn rewards by playing the game and completing goals and compendiums.
  • Safety rating system for online players, which can also be used in offline modes or disabled if you prefer.
  • Customize your car with new parts and hire new team members, which you can get by playing the game. There are no microtransactions to buy these upgrades.
  • Supercars and a virtual living space from the previous title. You can also progress in Podium Pass by playing Braking Point 2, the story mode of F1 23.

The game features the Qatar Grand Prix at the Losail International Circuit and the new Las Vegas Grand Prix at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. It also has four tracks that were not on the 2023 schedule: the Imola Circuit in Italy, the Circuit Paul Ricard in France, the Shanghai International Circuit in China, and the Algarve International Circuit in Portugal.

Audience Score

The game has received an overwhelmingly positive response from players on Steam. With an initial early rating of 9/10, it is clear that this game is a significant improvement over its predecessor. Many players have praised the game’s photorealistic graphics, improved gameplay modes, and high level of immersion.

F1 2023 VS F1 2022

This year holds a significant improvement over its predecessor, offering enhanced graphics, improved gameplay modes and higher levels of immersion. But more importantly, you no longer feel like you’re on ice skates, the handling and control feels much better.


There are significantly less bugs at launch and the game actually closes when I exit instead of having to play wack-a-mole in task manager. 

Breaking Point was last seen in f1 21 and is a welcome return. We pick up the story with Aiden Jackson and that absolute egg, Devon Butler who is the most annoying antagonist ever. 

But in terms of this years improvements don’t take just my word for it, we can also see a massive difference in the reviews on Steam and compare this last year’s steaming pile of garbage. It looks like this year will be a must-have for racing fans everywhere.

Is F1 23 VR coming to PSVR 2?

No, the VR mode is only available for PCVR users. It’s only available on steam.

F1 2023: Is VR or Standard mode better?

When you buy a copy F1 23, players have the option to launch it either in VR or Standard mode, and both have their own advantages. If you’re looking for fun and immersion, no other mode can compare to the immersion of playing in VR; by wearing a VR headset, players are transported into the cockpit of an F1 car and can almost feel the thrill of racing.


However, this level of immersion does come at a cost – playing in VR is significantly more difficult at least I’ve found than playing in Standard mode, as the UI is harder to see and you literally have to look in your mirrors to see cars behind you. Taking your eyes off the road at 300kmph can be dangerous. In addition to the difficulty the graphics quality is going to take a big hit compared to gaming on your screen. Codemaster has not done the best job and even playing with multiple settings I found the game to be very blurry compared to other VR racing games,

Ultimately it’s up to your personal preference to choose which mode you prefer normally, I’m quite bias towards VR I’ve even played RuneScape in VR. But I’ve got to say so far I prefer f1 with on my screen.

To get the most out of F1 2023 in VR, we recommend investing in a force feedback steering wheel, a VR headset with a wide FOV and a good VR ready PC (specifically the graphics card).


A force feedback wheel for F1 racing is an essential tool for any serious sim racer or even a casual racer. With the right wheel, you can experience realistic and immersive racing with precise control and feedback. The force feedback wheel allows you to feel bumps and curbs and if you have a snap of oversteer and catch the rears its one of the best driving experiences. You can also adjust the settings on the wheel to customize it to your own preferences. I’m using one of the most entry level wheels – the Logitech G923 and can highly recommend it.

Something like the Primax, Valve Index or the Quest 3 would make for a great virtual reality headset. If you only have access to the existing stand alone headsets like the Quest 2 or Pico 4, they will also work fine. But make use to use it plugged in via USB and turn the setting up to the max.

For a VR ready PC, I’m using the new Razer Blade 15 laptop with a Nvidia 4070 GPU.


F1 2023 in VR is one of the most immersive racing games ever made and gives Grand Turismo 7 on the PSVR 2 a run for it’s money. While the games graphics improved significantly, and the overall VR version still needs work and refinement. The game’s attention to detail is incredible, with dirt and smoke throwing up from the cars as they explore the outer limits of the race track. The audio is also top-notch, capturing the sound of the engines in a way that makes you feel like you’re really sitting inside the car.


F1 2023 in VR has high replayability. The game is so immersive that you’ll find yourself wanting to play it again and again. Moreover, the game’s Breaking Point and My Team modes offer different experiences each time you play them, providing plenty of variety.

Is F1 23 VR Worth It?

F1 23 VR
f1 23 vr mode

In conclusion, F1 2023 in VR provides one of the most immersive racing experiences you'll ever have. With its advanced gameplay modes, and high level of immersion, it's a game that's worth investing in. However, the game's high price point and issues with the VR graphics are worth considering. Owners of previous versions of the game may want to wait till this one comes on sale. All in all, F1 2023 is an excellent addition to any racing game enthusiast's collection - but the VR versions doesn't hit as well as the standard mode.

Price: $69.99

Operating System: PCVR

Editor's Rating:


  • Breaking point is back
  • Immersion
  • Replayability


  • VR graphics quality is poor compared to other racers
  • Cost (both game and equiptment)