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Are you looking for a VR shooter that offers an immersive and engaging gameplay experience? Look no further than Breachers, the newly released multiplayer game from Triangle Factory. This bomb defusal shooter features impressive audio design, weapon customization options, beautiful maps and visuals, and more. With its robust multiplayer mode, offline bot practice options, and a decent selection of great maps, Breachers is primed for a long-lasting presence in the VR gaming community. Discover why it is already one of the best shooters ever played on Quest, Pico and PCVR with this comprehensive review!


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About Breachers

Rating on Oculus store with # of reviews4.8/5 (1,739 Ratings)
% of upvotes on Steam with # of reviews91% (227)
Release Date13 April 2023
GenreMultiplayer, Shooter
Time to beat main storyNA
ReplayabilityExtremely High
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As you load into the game there’s a optional 30 minute tutorial that takes you through the basics. Movement, shooting and gadgets. It only took me 15 minutes to complete and is well worth it before getting shoved straight into multiplayer.

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It plays out like any other tactical 5v5 online shooter. The bad guys (revolters) want the bomb to explode and the good guys (enforcers) want to defuse it. So if you’ve played Counter Strike, Valorant or Rainbow Six Siege you’ll have no problem picking this up.

One of the most impressive aspects of Breachers’ gameplay is the attention paid to sound design. Every step you take, every piece of equipment you use, and every shot fired is perfectly captured and reproduced in high quality, giving you an immersive and realistic experience. This is especially important when it comes to the tactical aspect of the game, as sound can help identify where the enemy is. You’ll need to communicate effectively with your team. You can make use of the mic or in game pings if you don’t like talking. In order to succeed you’ll need to strategize your approach, and listen closely for any clues or hints – one wrong move, and it’s round lost.

The weapon customization options are also a standout feature. They are not only extensive, but also very accessible. You can modify your loadout to suit your playstyle and tactical preferences without any hassle. The Buy Phase before every round allows you to use in-game credits to purchase the necessary equipment and accessories easily, and you can make changes on the fly as needed. This allows you to adapt to any situation and stay one step ahead of your opponents. In addition, the maps are well-designed, offering a range of strategic options and challenging scenarios that will keep you on your toes. With all of these elements working seamlessly together, Breachers offers an incredibly engaging and satisfying gameplay experience that sets it apart from other VR shooters.

Some of my personal favorites were the cloaking device which makes you basically invisible when on the offensive and the floor traps on the defensive.

Fintess Intensity

In terms of fitness intensity, Breachers falls within the low range, while its going to be better than sat on your couch don’t expect a crazy work out here. While the game does require physical movement such as walking and crouching, it does not demand long periods of sustained physical activity like other VR games such as Beat Saber or Ragnarock.

However, the game does provide a low-moderate level of physical exercise that can still be beneficial for those who wish to engage in a more active gaming experience. Once omni directional treadmills become more popular this could easily move from low – high intensity.

Audience Score

Breachers has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both Steam and Oculus users, garnering an impressive 91% and 4.8 out of 5 stars, respectively. Players have praised the game for its immersive gameplay, excellent sound design, and stunning visual presentation. The responsive weapon customization and strategic map layouts have also been highlighted as standout features, allowing for a level of gameplay depth rarely seen in VR shooters.

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Many have also noted the game’s strong community and multiplayer mode, which offers endless replayability and competitive excitement. Even though it’s still early days, this is an impressive launch.


Immersion in Breachers is an incredibly impressive and immersive experience. The attention paid to sound design, with every step you take, every piece of equipment you use, and every shot fired perfectly captured and reproduced in high quality adds to the realism of the game. Players can make use of the mic or in-game pings for communication which helps when it comes to bomb defusal aspect of the game. Furthermore, weapon customization options are also extensive – allowing players to modify their loadout to suit their playstyle and tactical preferences without any hassle. With beautiful maps offering a range of strategic options along with challenging scenarios that keep players on their toes – Breachers offers an incredibly engaging gameplay experience that sets it apart from other VR shooters.


One of the most impressive aspects of Breachers is its replayability. With its strong multiplayer mode and endless strategic possibilities, players will find themselves coming back time and again to hone their skills and compete with others. The game’s community is strong, providing an active and engaged group who are always ready to play. In addition, the game’s frequent updates and new content releases ensure that there is always something fresh and exciting to explore.

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One of the key elements that contributes to Breachers’ high replayability is the game’s extensive weapon customization options. With a wide range of firearms and accessories to choose from, players can experiment and create loadouts that suit their specific playstyle and tactical approach. Whether you prefer to be stealthy and take out your opponents from a distance or get up close and personal with shotguns and explosives, there is a loadout for you. And with the ability to modify your loadout on the fly during the game’s Buy Phase, you can adapt to changing situations and counter your opponent’s strategies. This level of depth and flexibility ensures that no two games of Breachers are ever the same. It keeps players engaged and coming back for more.


Is Breachers worth it?
breachers review

From its stunning visuals and sound design, to the extensive weapon customization options and strategic map layouts. Breachers offers something for everyone. It's easy to see why this VR title has it's eyes on becoming one of the best shooters ever played on Quest, Pico, PCVR platforms. Whether you're looking for an intense competitive experience or just want some casual fun in virtual reality – Breachers is sure to provide hours of entertainment!

Price: $29.99

Operating System: Quest, PCVR, Pico 4

Editor's Rating:


  • Immersive gameplay with excellent sound design and stunning visuals.
  • Responsive weapon customization options for tactical preferences.
  • Strong community and multiplayer mode for endless replayability


  • Only 4 maps and no competitive mode (coming soon)
  • Some users may find the learning curve steep due to its complexity
  • Some reviews accuse lobbies being filled of “Quest Kids” which can have a negative impact for mature gamers