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Blaston Review: The Best Free VR Game Ever?


Blaston is a VR dueling shooter game that has recently pivoted from a pay-to-play to free-to-play model. With its smooth and intuitive gameplay, intense fitness experience, and now no payment barrier, Blaston VR has become one of the most popular VR games available. In this Blaston review, we will explore the various aspects of the game and why it is a must-try for all virtual reality fitness enthusiasts.


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Blaston Gameplay

At its core, Blaston is a fast-paced, duelling shooter game that will put your skills to the test. Players must dodge incoming projectiles while simultaneously shooting their opponent to score points. The game features a variety of weapons and load outs to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the game guns from your load out will spawn around you which you must pick up to shoot your opponent, you can even throw your gun at them.

As you play the game you will earn in game currency which can me used to alter your load out or bring your own flair by purchasing cosmetic. There are three main modes you can choose to play.

Campaign mode

The campaign only takes about an hour. Here you will vs various bots and learn how the game operates. It’s a good way for beginners to become adjusted with the game and learn how the different weapons work.

Ozone lounge

This is where you can duel your friends, meet strangers online and try out different mini games like darts to practice your mechanics.


This is where the game gets its longevity, You’l enter matchmaking and be paired with a player with a similar ability to your own. It doesn’t normally take very long to find a player and you can be warm up with a bot while your wait. You can even progress ranks and earn coins when playing bots so there’s very little down time.

Blaston Stats

Rating on Oculus store with # of reviews4.7/5 (2,359 Ratings)
% of upvotes on Steam with# of Reviews93% (492)
Release Date8 October 2020
GenreShooting, Puzzle, Action
Time to beat main storyNA
Steam Store Oculus Store

How many Ranks are there in Blaston?

As of Season 1 in Blaston there are 11 total ranks. Players will have to win matches against other players and bots to progress through the season. The ranks are listed below with the amount of Rank Points (RP needed).

  • BronzeRP 0-39
  • SilverRP 40-99
  • GoldRP 100-199
  • PlatinumRP 200-349
  • DiamondRP 350-499
  • ChampionRP 500-749
  • MasterRP 750-999
  • GrandmasterRP 1000-1299
  • EliteRP 1300-1599
  • LegendaryRP 1600-1999
  • OverlordRP 2000+

The community I’ve seen so far is very wholesome too. Most players will give you a wave before and after duels. Blaston VR is sure to keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Fitness Intensity

There’s no denying that Blaston VR is an intense workout. The game requires players to constantly dodge and squat to avoid incoming slow-mo projectiles. This makes it a lower body focused VR workout. Players can expect to feel the burn in their legs and core after just a few rounds of gameplay. 

The game is perfect for those looking for a fun and effective way to get in shape and stay active. Especially those that prefer a game compared to the fitness apps like Les Mills Body Combat. It even made our top 10 Fitness games.

Blaston Audience Score

Blaston VR has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players and critics alike. The game has been praised for its smooth and intuitive gameplay, challenging difficulty, and intense workout experience. Many players have also commented on the high level of immersion and how the game truly feels like a real-life VR experience.

Some of the old time players that originally payed for the game might feel a bit salty because now its available for free but they we rewarded with in game currency which can be used for upgrades and cosmetics and various in-game purchases. 



Blaston VR boasts incredibly realistic graphics and sound effects that fully immerse players in the virtual world, Especially considering this is a free game. From the detailed weapon models to the dynamic environments, the game has been designed to provide a truly authentic VR experience. Players can expect to feel as if they are truly in the game, battling against their opponent in a virtual arena.


Blaston VR is a highly replayable game, with its fast-paced gameplay and challenging difficulty ensuring that players will want to play again and again. The game also features various weapons, power-ups, and levels to choose from, which adds an extra layer of replayability. In addition, the intense workout experience makes it a great way to stay active and fit. The game’s multiplayer mode with competitive seasons give players even more reason to keep playing so they can show off their ranks.

Blaston Tips and tricks

  • Track weapons as soon as possible for upgrades
  • Currency: Yellow creds are whatever, you earn this by playing so feel free to spend it. But the green is called blasts and is a lot harder to come by – use these wisely.
  • Never trade blasts for credits
  • In your load out, Keep all weapons under 27 seconds. See the average spawn timer and times it by 6


Is Blaston Worth It?
blaston review

Blaston VR is one of the best free-to-play VR games available today. With its smooth and intuitive gameplay, intense workout experience, and high level of immersion. The game is a must-try for all virtual reality enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a fun and challenging shooter game or a way to stay active and fit, Blaston VR is definitely worth checking out.

Price: Free!

Operating System: PCVR, Quest, Pico

Editor's Rating:


  • Free to play
  • Great workout
  • Easy to pick up with high skill ceiling


  • The best cosmetics locked behind paywalls