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13 Best VR Sports games to play in 2024


If you are looking for some fun and immersive ways to stay fit and entertained in 2024, you might want to check out these 13 VR sports games that will make you sweat and smile. Whether you are into boxing, golf, fishing, or football, there is something for everyone in this list of the best VR sports games to play in 2024. All games below will support a mixture of Quest, Pico and PCVR Headsets.

Most recent update: 01/01/2024

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This list will be kept updated as new titles are released and reviews change over time. Our judging criteria takes into account the following:

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Video of Top VR Sports games to play in 2024

13. Yoga VR

A short video of trying Yoga VR games, and if it really can improve your flexibility

Finally, a good playable version of Yoga in VR. This game uses Mixed Reality to gamify Yoga, easily learn new poses and stretch out those tight hamstrings, whether you’re a complete beginner or advanced practitioner of Yoga, this VR experience is sure to impress.

Rating on Oculus store4.5/5
Release DateMar 31, 2023
GenresHealth & Fitness, Relaxation & Meditation
Time to beat main storyNA

12. All-In-One-Sports VR

Video of the All-in-One Sports competition which includes a lot of gameplay

All-in-One-Sports game lets you enjoy 13 different sports in one VR experience. You can play basketball, baseball, tennis, bowling, archery, and more with decent physics and graphics. You can also customize your avatar and compete with other players online or with your friends in local multiplayer mode. While each sport won’t go quite in depth with their gameplay and physics, All-In-One-Sports VR is a great way to try out different sports and have fun with VR. Read our full review.

Rating on Pico store5/5
Rating on Steam Store8.5/10
Rating on Oculus Store4.5/5
Release Date25 February 2021
Time to beat main storyNA
PLATFORMS: Quest Steam Pico

11. Creed


If you are a fan of the Rocky movies, you will love Creed, a VR boxing game that puts you in the shoes of Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed. You can train with Rocky Balboa, fight against iconic opponents like Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang, and rise to the top of the boxing world. Creed features intense and realistic combat mechanics, dynamic crowd reactions, and a stamina system that affects your performance. Creed is a must-play for boxing enthusiasts and Rocky fans.

Creed is the best available game on the Pico 4 but unfortunately, only Quest and PCVR owners get access to multiplayer. Read our full review.

Rating on Oculus store4/5
Rating on Steam Store8/10
Rating on Pico store4.6/5
Release Date26 Sept 2018
GenreFighting, Sports, Fitness
Time to beat main story2 Hours ++
PLATFORMS: Quest Steam Pico

10. Gym Class

Gym Class is a VR basketball game that lets you immerse yourself in the sport like never before. You can experience the thrill of playing VR basketball, as well as interact with other players from around the world. Whether you want to join a public court, play against AI bots, or create your own private court with the “GC PRO” in-app purchase, you’ll always find something to challenge and entertain you. You can also customize your appearance with a full-body avatar and various outfits and accessories.

Finally you can experience what it feel like to DUNK!

Rating on Oculus store 4.9/5
Release DateOct 13, 2022
GenreSports, Social
ReplayabilityExtremely High


punch fit

Up next we have the best VR boxing pad simulator, PUNCH FIT. Here you can choose from a variety of drills where you’re given different combinations of punches and dodges. Tracks range from a few minutes to 30 mins so it’s suitable for all fitness levels, and the best part – it’s completely free.

Rating on Oculus store 4.9/5
Rating on Steam 8/10
Release DateAug 17, 2022
GenreSports, Social
PLATFORMS: Steam Oculus

8. PadelVR

Still in early access, PadelVR simulates the sport of padel, a racket sport similar to tennis. In this game, you can learn, practice and play padel in different modes and settings. You can also customize the physics of the game to suit your preferences. PadelVR is currently in beta version, so some features are still under development. You can access the freeplay mode, the warm up mode and the pass the ball mode for free, or you can purchase the unlockable content package for 3$ to enjoy more minigames, stadiums and challenges.

Rating on Oculus store 4.9/5
Release DateBETA
GenreSimulation, Social, Sports

7. Real VR Fishing

Real VR Fishing is a relaxing and realistic fishing game that lets you explore beautiful locations around the world. You can catch over 100 different fish species, customize your fishing gear and boat, and enjoy the scenery and sounds of nature. You can also listen to your own music or podcasts while fishing, or chat with other players online. Real VR Fishing is a soothing and satisfying VR game for fishing lovers.

Rating on Oculus store4.6/5
Release DateSep 11, 2019
GenreSports, Social, fishing
ReplayabilityExtremely High
PLATFORMS: Oculus Pico Steam (coming soon)

6. 2MD: VR Football Unleashed

2md vr football unleashed jpg

2MD: VR Football Unleashed is a VR football game that lets you play as a quarterback and lead your team to victory. You can draw your own plays on a virtual whiteboard, call audibles on the fly, and throw passes with realistic motion controls. You can also customize your team’s colors, logos, and helmets, and play against AI or other players online. 2MD: VR Football Unleashed is a fun and fast-paced VR game for football fans.

Rating on Oculus store4.4/5
Rating on Steam store8.1/10
Release DateJan 9, 2020
GenreSports, Arcade, Mixed Reality
ReplayabilityExtremely High
PLATFORMS: Steam Oculus

5. Eleven Table Tennis

If you love table tennis, you will love Eleven Table Tennis. This game is widely regarded as the most realistic and accurate simulation of the sport in VR. You can play against AI opponents with different skill levels, or join online matches with players from around the world. You can also customize your paddle, table, and environment to suit your preferences. The game features realistic physics, haptic feedback, and spatial audio that make you feel like you are really playing table tennis. A must pick for VR Sports fans.

Rating on Oculus store4.6/5
Rating on Steam Store9.5/10
Rating on Pico store4.5/5
Release Date20 Jun, 2016
GenreSimulation, Sports, Casual
Time to beat main story2 Hours ++
PLATFORMS: Oculus Steam Pico

4. Golf+

Golf+ is a VR golf game that lets you play on beautiful and challenging courses in various locations. You can use your own golf clubs or choose from a variety of virtual ones, and swing them naturally with your VR controllers. The game tracks your swing speed, angle, and direction, and adjusts the ball trajectory accordingly. You can also adjust the wind, weather, and time of day to create different scenarios. Golf+ is a relaxing and enjoyable game for golf fans of all skill levels. One of the most highly regarded simulation games out there and you can save a ton on green fees.

You can either purchase additional course or subscribe and get access to all of them. Highly recommended to pick yourself up a VR golf handle.

Rating on Oculus store4.8/5
Release DateMay 28, 2020
GenreSimulation, Social, Sports
Time to beat main storyNA
ReplayabilityExtremely High

3. Broken Edge

Sword fighting was indeed a sport back in the day, but it has never been as immersive, realistic and most importantly, safe as in Broken Edge. Broken Edge is a 1v1 VR fantasy sword dueling game where you can choose from a variety of historical swordfighters, each with their own unique weapons, styles and powers. You can fight your opponents in your own living room, thanks to the mixed reality feature (only available on the Quest version).

You can also challenge other players online and climb the ranks in the global contest. Broken Edge uses cutting-edge fencing mechanics that allow you to move and swing your sword freely, block incoming attacks and even break your enemies’ weapons. Whether you are a novice or a master, you can enjoy this thrilling VR game that will make you feel like a real swordfighter.

Rating on Oculus store4.2/5
Rating on Steam Store9/10
Release Date18 Nov, 2022
GenreAction, Fighting
Time to beat main story3 Hours+
ReplayabilityVery High
PLATFORMS: Oculus Steam

2. Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf is a VR mini golf game that offers a fun and social experience for players of all ages. There’s so many different courses, each with 18 holes and unique themes and obstacles. The game supports up to 8 players per room, so you can chat and interact with your friends or strangers while playing. Walkabout Mini Golf is a casual and charming game that will make you smile.

Be warned you’re likely to run out of battery before you’re ready to put this down. They are still releasing DLC content so you will never run out of new courses and ball to hunt.

Read our full Review.

Rating on Oculus Store4.9/5
Rating on Steam Store9.8/10
Rating on Pico Store4.5/10
Release DateSep 24, 2020
GenreSimulation, Sports
Time to beat main story10 Hours
ReplayabilityExtremely high
PLATFORMS: Quest Steam Pico

1. Thrill of the Fight

Thrill of the Fight is a VR boxing game that puts you in the ring with realistic and challenging opponents. Even though this game is over 7 years old, it’s still receiving love from the developer and now supports AR mode – great news for Quest 3 owners. The game tracks your movements and stamina, and rewards you for accuracy and power. Thrill of the Fight is a intense and satisfying game and amps up VR sports genre and is guaranteed to make you sweat. Read our full Thrill of the Fight review.

Rating on Oculus store4.8/5
Rating on Steam Store9.5/10
Release Date1 July 2016
GenreFighting, Sports, Fitness
Time to beat main story2 Hours ++
PLATFORMS: Oculus Steam

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