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17 Best Free VR games for Quest, PCVR and Pico [2024 Update]


Are you looking for the best VR experiences without spending a fortune on games? You’re in luck, because there are plenty of great free-to-play virtual reality games out there to provide hours upon hours of entertainment.

If that sounds exciting to you, then we’ve got the perfect list for you: our 17 best free VR games. Whether you’re looking for adrenaline-filled adventures or just prefer relaxing rewards, this selection has something for everyone. So grab your headset of choice and let’s jump into some virtual world fun!

Last updated 01/01/2024

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This list will be kept updated as new titles are released and reviews change over time. Our judging criteria takes into account the following:

Gameplay, Audience score, Immersion and Replayability

17. GRAB (Quest, PCVR, Pico)

GRAB is a VR game that lets you experience the thrill of parkour in a virtual world. You can join other players online and race through different levels, avoiding obstacles and lava. You can also use the level editor to create your own levels with your friends and share them with the community. GRAB is a game that combines physical activity, creativity and social interaction.

GRAB is still in early access, which means it is not fully polished and may have some issues. However, it is already a lot of fun and loads of community levels to play. If you are looking for a VR game that challenges your body and mind, GRAB is the game for you.

Rating on Oculus store4.9/5
Rating on Pico store 4.1/5
% of Upvotes on Steam100%
Release DateNov 25, 2021
GenreArcade, Sports
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store Steam Store

16. QUANTAAR (Quest, PCVR, Pico)

QUANTAAR lets you experience the thrill of fighting, shooting, and scoring in different worlds. You can choose from four types of Heroes, each with their own abilities and roles, and customize them with Cores that boost their stats. You can also team up with a friend or go solo in various game modes, such as 2v2, Soccer, and Brawler. And when you need a break from the action, you can hang out in the Social Halls, where you can play mini-games and chat with other players. QUANTAAR is a free-to-play game that offers endless fun and excitement for VR fans!

Rating on Oculus store 4.4/5
Rating on Pico store4.3/5
% of Upvotes on Steam100%
Release DateJun 7, 2023
GenreArcade, Fighting
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store Steam Store

15. VR Chat (Quest, PCVR)

VR Chat is one of the best and most well used VR social apps out there. You can meet all kinds of people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. You can also customize your avatar and explore various worlds created by the community. But be warned, there are some absolute creatures online and you might run into some strange things. Like a giant anime girl chasing you with a knife, or a furry convention in the middle of a haunted mansion. VR Chat is not for the faint of heart, but it sure is a lot of fun.

Rating on Oculus store with3.9/5
% of Upvotes on Steam72%
Release Date1 Feb, 2017
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store Steam Store

14. Gravity League (Quest, Pico)

In Gravity League you have to score goals in a zero-gravity environment. Players can choose from different gloves, balls, athletes, and stadiums to customize their experience and suit their preferences. The game offers online multiplayer modes, where players can face off against other players from around the world, or invite their friends to join them in private matches. The game also features online leaderboards, where players can compete for the title of Gravity Legend. Gravity League is a game that combines skill, strategy, and fun in a futuristic setting.

Think Air Hockey but in VR.

Rating on Oculus store4.2/5
Rating on Pico store with4.5/5
Release DateJan 10, 2023
Oculus Store

13. Divine Duel (Quest, Pico) (PCVR coming soon)

Divine Duel is a new F2P VR game that lets you challenge other players in thrilling battles across different realms. You can choose from a variety of Celestials, each with their own unique abilities and weapons, ranging from musical instruments to meteors. You can also summon powerful allies, such as dragons, to aid you in combat.

The game is not only about fast reflexes, but also about smart tactics and creativity. You can customize your loadout and use different combinations of weapons, spells and summons to gain an edge over your opponent. You can also try different game modes, such as the classic duel or the draft mode, where you have to pick your weapons on the spot. If you’ve played Blaston before this will feel similar.

Rating on Oculus store4.9/5
Rating on Pico store with # of reviews4.6/5 (33 Reviews)
Release DateMar 1, 2023
GenreArcade, Fighting
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store

12. Mutrix (Pico)


Read full Review of Mutrix

Rating on Pico store4.1/5
Release DateMarch 2023
GenreRhythm & Music

Mutrix is undoubtedly inspired by Beat Saber, but it also has its share of differences. It uses a free-to-play gaming model and offers unlocked songs with gems. There is also a subscription model to access unlimited songs for 30 days.

Though the graphics are a way behind Beat Saber, the motion tracking is smooth, and the gameplay is engaging. The developers have made noticeable improvements in the last few months to get this in check, and it’s still fun and worth playing. One of Mutrix’s unique features is that it allows you to add custom songs, amping up the entertainment factor and acting as a free alternative to Beat Saber – especially useful for Pico users.

11. Punch Fit (Quest, PCVR)

Punch Fit is a VR boxing simulator that lets you burn calories while having fun. You can mimic the movements of a boxer and dodge incoming attacks from your opponents. You can also learn different combinations of punches, dodges, and rushes to spice up your gameplay.

You can choose from a variety of workouts that fit your schedule and skill level. They are constantly updating the game with new workouts to keep you challenged.

Rating on Oculus store4.9/5
% of Upvotes on Steam76% (99 Reviews)
Release Date12 Sep, 2022
GenreSports, Boxing
Oculus Store Steam Store

10. Gorilla Tag (Quest F2P) (PCVR P2P)

Gorilla Tag Trailer
Rating on Oculus store4.8/5
Release DateDecember 2022
GenreAction, Casual, Social
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store

Gorilla Tag was initially designed as a free to play game for both Quest and PCVR users, but due to excessive cheating the PCVR version of the game now has a price tag associated with it. The game is all about playing as a gorilla swinging and jumping through a neon jungle while evading other players who act as hunters. Gorilla Tag has received great reviews from players on the Oculus Store, with many praising the game’s fun and unique gameplay mechanics. However, some players consider this game to be filled with “Quest kids” and may not be the best experience for more mature gamers.

9. Gun Raiders (Quest, Pico)

Rating on Oculus store4.2/5
Release DateOct 7, 2021
GenreAction, Shooting
Oculus Store

Gun Raiders is a free-to-play team shooter game that lets you play with friends or join random teams to face other players in multiplayer battles. It’s available on Quest and Pico platforms and features a range of futuristic weapons, customizable avatars, and dynamic maps to explore. Players give Gun Raiders a 4.2-star rating on the Oculus Store and praise its thrilling multiplayer action and visuals.

8. Rec Room (Quest, Pico, PCVR)

Rating on Oculus store4.3/5
% of Upvotes on Steam91%
Release Date1 Jun, 2016
GenreArcade, Social, Sports
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store Steam Store

Rec Room can be described as a social VR playground where you can play a range of fun multiplayer mini-games with friends or strangers. The game is available on Quest, Pico, and PCVR platforms and features customizable avatars, chat rooms, and mini-games, including dodgeball, paintball, and more. Rec Room has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players, who praise its fun nature and the ability to socialize with others in VR. Players that want a slightly more adult experience could consider VR Chat instead.

7. Moon Rider (Quest, Pico, PCVR) – Web based

moon rider jpeg
Rating on side quest4.5
Release DateDecember 2022
GenreAction, Casual, Social
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Side Quest

Moon Rider is an open source virtual reality music visualization and rhythm game that pushes the boundaries of Web VR. It’s accessible with virtually any VR headset – just open up your preferred browser and visit Moon Rider offers four distinct play modes, each with its own set of hit songs: Visual Mode, Ride Mode, Punch Mode, and Classic Mode.

In other words, you get a free Beat Saber clone and a bunch of other cool modes to try out. The best part? They have a wide selection of songs you can choose from.

6. Gym Class (Quest)

Rating on Oculus store4.9/5
Release DateOct 13, 2022
GenreSports, Social
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store

Gym Class is the ultimate VR basketball experience! Gym Class allows you to experience playing basketball in a virtual world like never before. You’ll feel like you’re on the court with your favorite NBA stars, thanks to the state-of-the-art physics that make the game feel as real as possible.

One of the best things about Gym Class is the fact that you can play with other people from around the world. There are many public courts available for you to play on, giving you a chance to compete with others and make new friends along the way. Additionally, there are many multiplayer and AI bot game modes, so you’ll always be challenged no matter how experienced you are. And if you want to take things to the next level, there’s always the premium “GC PRO” in-app purchase, which includes a customizable private court and personalizable full-body avatar.

Plus, if you’re a fan of the NBA, the “NBA BUNDLE” in-app purchase gives you access to virtual replicas of all 30 NBA teams’ courts, team-branded apparel, and a team-branded basketball. With so many ways to play, the fun never ends with Gym Class!

5. Ancient Dungeon Beta (Quest F2P, PCVR P2P)

If you’re looking for a free VR game that will take you on an epic adventure, check out Ancient Dungeon Beta. This game lets you explore different dungeons that are never the same twice. You’ll find all kinds of cool stuff, like traps, secrets, loot and bosses. But watch out, the deeper you go, the harder it gets. You’ll face different themes and enemies, like plants, magic and more. And if you want to play with your friends, you can join the multiplayer beta and have fun together. Ancient Dungeon Beta is a game you don’t want to miss.

Rating on Oculus store 4.9
% of upvotes of Steam 95%
Release Date4 Nov, 2021
GenreAction, Adventure, Indie, RPG
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Steam

4. Hyper Dash (Quest, Pico, PCVR)

Rating on Oculus store 4.7/5
% of upvotes of Steam 89%
Release Date26 Feb, 2021
GenreShooting, Online
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store

Hyperdash is one of those paid games that recently adopted a free to play model to increase its player base. Hyper Dash is a fast-paced multiplayer game that lets you play as a futuristic soldier battling with other players in a neon futuristic world. The game features customizable avatars, different weapons, and game modes. Hyper Dash is available on Quest, Pico, and Steam VR and has received positive feedback from players, with many highlighting its fast-paced, enjoyable gameplay.

3. Cards and Tankards (Quest, PCVR)

Rating on Oculus store 4.3/5
% of upvotes of Steam92%
Release DateMay 2023
GenreStrategy, Cards, Casual, Social
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store Steam Store

This is a totally free to play game that lets you collect over 160 unique cards, each belonging to one of four factions, and battle against other players or the computer. Whether you’re an experienced card game player or new to the genre, you’ll love the immersive atmosphere that Cards & Tankards provides.

The game features completely customizable decks, which allows you to tailor your strategy and upgrade your skills as you progress. Each of the four factions has its own unique combat mechanics, giving you a range of tactical options to choose from.

But the best part? Cross-platform multiplayer support makes it easy to connect with friends from around the world and enjoy all the fun together!

2. Population:One (Quest F2P, PCVR P2P)

POPULATION: ONE is a virtual reality battle royale game that has received praise for its immersive environments and action-packed gameplay. The game allows players to compete in a variety of competitive multiplayer modes, including Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, War mode, Legions mode, Metro Arena, Co-Op Bot Battle, and Training Park.

One of the best F2P games to jump in with with your friends

Rating on Oculus store4.3/5
Release Date22 October 2020
GenresAction, Arcade, Shooting
Time to beat main storyNA
ReplayabilityExtremely high
Oculus store link

1. Blaston (Quest, Pico, PCVR)

Rating on Oculus store4.5/5
% of upvotes on Seam91%
Release DateOct 8, 2020
GenreAction, Shooting, Social
ReplayabilityExtremely High
Oculus Store Steam Store

Blaston is a fast-paced PvP shooter game that lets you step into a futuristic arena and battle with opponents in real-time. The game is available on PCVR, Pico, and Quest platforms and offers tight gameplay mechanics and innovative combat moves. This is our personal favourite free to play game that we keep coming back to.

It’s a 1v1 duelling online shooter. Guns will spawn around you and your job is to pick them up and start firing them at your opponent while they are doing the exact same thing to you. Bullets and projectiles move in slow motion which means you end up doing a bunch of squats and lunges trying to dodge everything.

You’ll never skip leg day with Blaston. It’s no wonder it makes it to the #1 position of our best free VR games

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